The Frontline Club Award and the Frontline Memorial Tribute Award for excellence in journalism aim to recognise recognise journalistic integrity, courage and the independence of spirit, regardless of nationality or media discipline and include the work of freelances.

The Frontline Club Award is given annually in recognition of an outstanding body of work or series of contributions over a one-year period. The Memorial Tribute Award is given in honour of frontline journalists killed in the course of their work and can be awarded posthumously or to a living journalist to recognise lifetime achievements or work that has not received the acclaim it deserves.

Unlike other media awards, there are no finalists – only winners. This year, award winners will be nominated by Club members and the winners selected by a panel of judges drawn from the club’s membership. 

Nominations should sent to Flora Carmichael ([email protected]) by 5 pm Friday 30 September, 2011.

Please include a brief explanation of your reasons for nominating a particular journalist and send links to their work online, or examples of their work. Work nominated for the Frontline Club Award should be for the period 1 October 2010 to 30 September 2011.

The awards will be presented at the Frontline Club’s Annual Party on Wednesday 23 November 2011. Winners receive lifetime membership of the Frontline Club, a certificate and their names will be carved into a plaque in the main clubroom.

We are also inviting Club Members to nominate beneficiaries of the Fixers’ Fund, which has been expanded to include a wider range of acute needs in addition to supporting families in times of bereavement. Please send your recommendations to Flora Carmichael ([email protected])