April 25, 2012 7:00 PM

In the Picture: 25 years of Panos Pictures

Photo agency Panos Pictures is celebrating 25 years of contributions to photojournalism, with its focus on social and development issues. This event will bring together key voices in Panos Pictures to discuss the developments at Panos and in the photojournalism industry over the past 25 years, and what the future holds in store.

Paul Lowe will be in conversation with the Director of Panos Pictures, Adrian Evans and two Panos photojournalists, Andrew Testa and Chloe Dewe Mathews.

March 2, 2012

Defending collaboration, with A. A. Gill and Tom Craig

View event here. By Alan Selby The advent of new media has seen an increasing pressure placed upon journalists to become multidisciplinary, but often to the detriment of each medium. During an evening moderated by David Campany, reader in photography at Westminster University, writer A. A. Gill and photographer Tom Craig mounted an impassioned defence […]

February 8, 2012

The DNA of culture: Jeremy Hunter in conversation with Paddy O’Connell

By Natricia Duncan     The Frontline Club was treated to an explosion of colour, culture, festivity and debate as photojournalist Jeremy Hunter explored the “DNA of countries” through pictures. Hunter described how he began travelling as part of his job as a foreign correspondent for NIR-TV in Tehran.  Although not employed as a photographer […]

December 12, 2011

Five links from 2011: ‘War Reporting’

This year I bookmarked at least 530 links on delicious. I know that because I try to tag each bookmark by year – I’m three hundred or so links down on last year’s total of 854. Seeing as we’re coming to the end of the year I thought I’d pick out a few of the […]

November 16, 2011

Cairo and the super rich

By Alan Selby Forty percent of Egyptians live on less than $2 a day, and Egypt receives an average of $2 billion a year in foreign aid. Yet millions of people are preparing to migrate away from the centre of Cairo and into newly constructed suburbs for the super rich. Jason Larkin, a photojournalist, and […]

July 20, 2011 7:00 PM

FULLY BOOKED: Photography Networking Party

The Frontline Club is hosting a July networking party to bring together people from all branches of the photography industry. From established photographers to aspiring photojournalists, gallery curators, publishers and agencies, the event will give attendees the chance to discuss photography and network with their peers.

June 7, 2011

Talks and screenings in the week ahead at the Frontline Club

Tomorrow evening Ross Perlin, author of Intern Nation, and a panel chaired by journalist Martin Bright will discuss the internship and the impact of this now common practice on education, the work place and society. Tonight there is a screening of Deadly Catch, a film that exposes the devastating consequences of pirate fishing in Sierra Leone. The event is organised by […]

April 12, 2011 7:00 PM

In the Picture: On your doorstep, photography and poverty

An eye-opening presentation of photographs will be accompanied by a discussion with two respected photographers about their experiences of working in the UK, covering issues on their doorstep. What are the challenges at home compared to overseas? Liz Hingley will talk about problems of access, media interest and legal issues.

January 19, 2011

In the Picture: Orphaned and Ostracised- HIV in Africa with Carol Allen Storey

Download this episode View in iTunes Watch the event here.  By Antje Bormann Broadcaster Sue Steward introduced Carol Allen Storey as one of the most fascinating photojournalists around. Carol Allen Storey’s photographic career started 10 years ago following a thorough rethink of a successful career in the fashion and beauty industry. Photographs by Edmond Terakopian. […]

December 20, 2010

Looking back at 2010: In the Picture photography events

This year, Frontline’s In the Picture strand has drawn in some big names in photography while giving a platform for new blood in the industry to showcase their work. Topics covered reached from sex-trafficking to disaster photography and from as far afield as Nigeria, Afghanistan and Vietnam. Below you can read about all and watch […]

November 11, 2010

In the Picture: a discussion with World Press Photo Winner Adam Ferguson

Adam Ferguson, one of the first prize winners of the World Press Photo Awards 2010, talked about being a war photographer and recent assignments in Afghanistan at the Frontline Club.

March 16, 2010

Journalism doesn’t pay, so what?

I never thought about making money when I set up Kigali Wire. From the beginning it has always been an experiment and it remains so. I never thought about making money when I shot my first photojournalism essay – which is in dire need of an editor’s hand… forgive me, it is my first bash […]

July 22, 2009

Choose the best photojournalism of the decade

Photo District News is seeking an answer one of journalism’s great subjective questions: what are the best news photographs of the current decade? PDN’s 30th anniversary issue will honor your choice of the most memorable and influential photographs of the last decade in every genre. Readers’ selections will be reproduced in the January issue of PDN and on our Web […]

June 2, 2009

Steve McCurry on becoming a photographer

Steve McCurry is one of my favourite photographers. Famous for his images of Asia, his work is always a pleasure to come back to. His richly-textured collection South Southeast is one of just a handful of photo books to have carved out a space on the small bookcase in our living room. Perhaps more importantly, […]

June 2, 2009

Meanwhile in Somalia…

Another very powerful slideshow of images from Mogadishu in the Boston Globe’s Big Picture section this week. The caption for the image above by Mohamed Dahir reads, 31 Local journalists take pictures at the scene of the killing of a Somali government soldier near Mogadishu stadium, on May 11, 2009. Remains of dead soldiers littered […]

May 19, 2009

Sri Lanka: 25 years of war

As the government of Sri Lanka declares an end to the civil war that has lasted 25 years, The Guardian newspaper looks back over the conflict in a series of 31 images.

May 15, 2009

Bruised lensmen portraying Kashmir’s clear picture

The tussle between the media, Indian military and police in Indian Administered Kashmir has run into decades now. Journalists are intimidated and harassed while doing their job in what is an extremely hostile environment. At the forefront of this oppression are the photojournalists and camera crew of various newspapers and Channels whose presence is being […]

May 10, 2009

Video SLRs redefine photojournalism

There’s a lot written about the future of journalism, of photojournalism, of video journalism. Too much, perhaps. Even as write this, yet another link with almost that exact title popped into my Twitter feed, via the ever-quote-happy Arianna Huffington. With all the theorising about how we will work in the post-print era (and who will […]

April 21, 2009

Photographing the G20: A tough day at the office

The furore over police attitudes to protesters and police during the G20 protests in London at the start of this month rages on, with clear sides beginning to emerge in the debate. If the police had hoped the focus on their tactics would abate as the dust settled on the protests, the death of Ian […]

April 20, 2009

Photographing the G20: A tough day at the office

The furore over police attitudes to protesters and police during the G20 protests in London at the start of this month rages on, with clear sides beginning to emerge in the debate. If the police had hoped the focus on their tactics would abate as the dust settled on the protests, the death of Ian […]

April 16, 2009

TS Satyan: A life less hurried

  "I have begun to despise politicians and their ways. At my age, I don’t want to photograph any of them unless Barack Obama visits India." As India goes to the polls at the start of its rather overwhelming general election, the words of TS Satyan, a revered photojournalist who has spent his life chronicling […]

April 3, 2009

Live tonight: John D McHugh – War in Multimedia

Multimedia journalist and Frontline Club Journalism Award winner John D. McHugh will be talking at the Frontline Club tonight about reporting war across a range of media for The Guardian newspaper. We start at 7pm GMT/11am PST and as usual we will be streaming the event live on the Frontline Club live channel on the […]

March 21, 2009

Talk of the town: The UK’s unwanted immigrants

A sobering and substantial piece of work by London-based photographer Abbie Trayler-Smith seems to have made an instant impression in the city this week. An exhibition of her stark images of rejected asylum seekers still living in the UK has opened in the capital’s Host Gallery, winning both publicity and acclaim for the photographer. Among […]

March 9, 2009

Reuters honours conflict photographers

Reuters has announced the winners of its own internal journalism awards for 2008. Notable among the winners were Goran Tomasevic’s image of a US soldier in action against the Taleban in Afghanistan, named as Photograph of the Year. Belgrade-born Tomasevic began working for Reuters during the Bosnian conflict in the 1990s the agency says. Ukrainian […]

March 5, 2009

The Who will pay for journalism?

Hard times breed new journalism models. Donation driven journalism is nothing new. Christopher Albritton was something of a pioneer at the beginning of the second Gulf War. Sandeep Junnarkar used donations to fund a long form journalism project – Lives in Focus – on AIDS patients and access to medicine in India. He continues along […]

March 2, 2009

Reza at the Frontline Club

 I’ve always been fascinated by Afghanistan. Alongside with the stories of journalistic derring-do that came out of the Vietnam War, the wild tales emerging from Afghanistan in the post-Soviet, pre-Taleban times probably got me hooked on the idea of journalism as a career. Chief among the legendary Afghans in those times was Ahmed Shah Massoud, […]

March 2, 2009

Live tonight – National Geographic photographer Reza

  You can now watch the event here. Reza comes to the Frontline Club tonight to talk about 30 years spent photographing frontlines around the world. We start at 7pm GMT/11am PST and, as usual, if you can’t make it the club in person you can watch the livestream on the Frontline Club channel or […]

February 26, 2009

Fleeced on Flickr?

Amid all the chatter about how using social media can help journalists and photographers broaden their audience and win new business, a cautionary tale emerges from the Flickr/Twitterverse. Via @michald on Twitter, I notice that photographer Shaun Curry, who I believe works for AFP, has removed all his photos from Flickr and posted a holding […]

February 18, 2009

Photography’s new frontlines

Quietly, over the past 12 months, the "frontline" in photojournalism has come back home to the West. Whereas the years since 9/11 saw the world go to war – with the journalists and photographers not far behind – now, in one way or another, the war is coming to us. Take the World Press Photo […]

January 27, 2009

Policing the press

It’s often observed that London’s police force, along with many others around the country, is no friend to the photographer. Photographers – of all stripes, not just working photojournalists – have been complaining about police harrassment for years, but the noise has got louder in the past 12 months. Well-respected publications such as the British […]