Reza at the Frontline Club

 I’ve always been fascinated by Afghanistan. Alongside with the stories of journalistic derring-do that came out of the Vietnam War, the wild tales emerging from Afghanistan in the post-Soviet, pre-Taleban times probably got me hooked on the idea of journalism as a career.

Chief among the legendary Afghans in those times was Ahmed Shah Massoud, a mujahedeen commander seen by many as a key unifying force in a divided country. I remember noticing when he was killed by a bomb on 10 September 2001, wondering what would happen next.

Tonight at the Frontline Club Reza, the man who shot an iconic portrait of an iconic leader comes to talk about 30 years of photographing war and peace. A National Geographic and Getty photographer, Reza should offer a fascinating insight into conflict in turbulent times and turbulent places.

The event is fully booked, but you can watch the event live from the Club on the video below from 1900GMT. I hope to get the chance to speak to the man himself and report back for this blog.