Live tonight: John D McHugh – War in Multimedia


Multimedia journalist and Frontline Club Journalism Award winner John D. McHugh will be talking at the Frontline Club tonight about reporting war across a range of media for The Guardian newspaper. We start at 7pm GMT/11am PST and as usual we will be streaming the event live on the Frontline Club live channel on the Club Events page and in the screen above.

In 2008, The Guardian commissioned him to produce an online project called “Six months in Afghanistan.” The project was to include photography, short films, audio slideshows, and blogging.

“I wanted to use the full range of multimedia options open to me to tell the story of the war in Afghanistan,” says McHugh, “and The Guardian gave me the opportunity to do this, and the platform to present the results to a worldwide audience.”

McHugh will present a selection of this multimedia work at The Frontline Club, and will talk with Roger Tooth, The Guardian’s head of photography, about the reasons why he has moved from working solely in traditional photojournalism into other fields. link