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August 3, 2020

Pear, Walnut & Gorgonzola Salad

Lots of what passes as salad in my home is really a diabolical dishes disguised by the words ‘light lunch’ meaning we will have it when it is light outside, that’s all.

July 28, 2020

What you do when your year turns out to be a lemon?

As 2020 turned out to be a proverbial lemon, I decided as the saying goes to make the most of it. Refreshing as an addition to your summer lemonade or as an ‘amuse bouche’ but I like it on its own as a light dessert after a meal, cleans and refreshes the palette. This dessert […]

July 21, 2020

British Summertime Blues

Blueberry Cobler Whilst I love the theory of baking, the reality is a nightmare of equipment and mess in the sweltering heat in the kitchen rather than the garden in our hammock. 2020 really has put things in perspective, for myself at least and anything too complicated is swiftly scratched of my culinary dance card. […]

July 13, 2020

Mexican tomato & bean soup

This fresh, piquant summer soup combines many of the ingredients you might find in a feisty salsa, but in this case they re all souped up. Add more chillies if you like it hot, and a handful of fresh sweetcorn kernels, sliced straight from the cob, is a good addition if you have them. A scattering of diced avocado can replace the soured cream, if you prefer.

June 23, 2020

Cracking Secrets, for Savoury Biscuits

In the meantime I have had a blissful time making their recipe suggestions, including these wonderful biscuits (Americans would say crackers)  that are fantastic with cheese or all alone as a snack, they keep for days,  weeks, even, I assume –  though they have never lasted long enough to find out.

April 8, 2015

You can’t be a Real Country unless you have a beer and an airline—it helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer

  With that in mind, we crammed the fridges full with 4 new beers; Lagunitas IPA, Mosaic IPA, Tally Ho Ale & Sole Star Pale Amber Ale. I picked them, which means they’re outstanding.

February 16, 2015

A Spring in your soup

  The first glimmers of Spring are in the air, and that means we can thaw the Audi out and get a fresh delivery of produce from our farm in Norfolk.   Time for a menu change methinks.   We’ve got guinea fowls with pumpkin purée, cannelloni with spinach & ricotta, lemons soles covered in […]

September 24, 2014

Restaurant Menu Update

Got a bit chilly outside didn’t it? The year’s gone by so quickly hasn’t it? You really should have done that thing you super wanted to have done by now shouldn’t you? While you’ve been procrastinating in Autumnal cliches our chef Halim’s gone hell for leather and come up with the ideal menu to warm those […]

July 24, 2014

“Summer menu?!? Don’t mind if I do!” said that cat in the bow tie (lie)

What-ho, what’s that of the port bow? Why, it’s the Summer menu,  ready to belie all the assumptions everyone makes about Brits’ cuisine being heavy stodgy bog food. We’ve got mozzarella tarts with heritage tomatoes in thin pastry crust, scallops with sweetcorn and Italian coppa ham, Norfolk lamb from our very own farm raaaather well […]

June 26, 2014

Summer Screenings and Happy Hour

Throughout the summer we will be showing a series of films exploring walls, barriers and borders today, 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Prior to the screenings, from 5.30 – 7.30pm, the club will be open and serving a Happy Hour menu of sharing platters and summer cocktails.

June 24, 2014

2 Europeans, 34 bottles of wine, 2 hours and a double shift the next day

……and by and by we got blotto and chose the greatest wine list in North West London town. We launch Thursday, with gusto Join us

May 20, 2014

I was having dinner with Garry Kasporov and our table had a check tablecloth

Took him two hours to pass me the salt   Arff arff. Here’s some cocktails we made: MY HEDONISTIC TENDENCIES Chase Vodka, litchi, Lime, soda VENTILATOR BLUES Adnams Copper gin, hibiscus syrup, lemon ME & MY BIG IDEAS Cucumber syrup, Prosecco SOMBRERO FALL OUT Beefeater gin, fig, lemon, lime, tonic MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY […]

May 7, 2014

A hullabaloo for h’asparagus

Friends, It’s asparagus season!!!! Everyone loves asparagus, and there’s a whole season of it that you probably didn’t know about. Don’t worry, I’m here to allay all your shame over forgetting. We’ve got the best you can find, Norfolk asparagus, and put it with poached eggs, wild sea trout, crushed Jersey royal potatoes, and other […]

April 6, 2014

Durch das Volk, für das Volk

Sick to the gills of saying “We only do bottled beer I’m afraid” for the 47,648th time, our intrepid restaurant manager came up with a capital idea: let’s get a keg. Herein he discovered Mosaic Pale Ale by the pint, a craft (see pretentious) but oh me oh my delicious English beer so glorious it’s […]

March 27, 2014

Super sunrise, sunset

It’s been a good news–bad news week here in the Frontline’s service wing . . . The good news is pints of Adnams Jack Brand Craft Beer are £2.80 a pint in the Member’s Club Bar. That is simply ridiculous, even as I read it back. Cheapest price in London, for an English craft beer; […]

February 21, 2014

Spring Menu at Frontline

It’s e dreich day ootside. I know this to be true because my fourteenth umbrella has been stolen and my socks are wet. Why not escape this dammed contemptible drizzle and the veritable wind tunnels of Central London and join us at the Frontline Restaurant to try our new Spring menu. Lobster salads, line caught […]

January 30, 2014

Late January at Frontline

It took me time and effort to find it. Sleepless nights. Cold sweats. Occasional tears. But the Frontline Club bar need’s a better class of beer, and i’m gonna give it to them. Presenting Adnams Dry Hopped Lager, from the fine folk in Southwold. It’s a grand old blend of Pilsner malt, a touch of […]

January 13, 2014

Broadside Ale at the Frontline Club

It’s January, again, and to commiserate together, we’ll be introducing Adnams’ glorious Broadside Ale by the pint at the Frontline Club bar; all at an astonishingly cheap price for those member’s looking for something a little different from their trips to the club mid Winter. Not satisfied with that? We’ll also be running their Dry Hopped Lager as […]

October 31, 2013

Frontline Restaurant listed in The Telegraph’s top London restaurants

The restaurant critics of The Telegraph have listed the Frontline in their list of top London restaurants. You can read the review below, or on their website. Near Paddington Station and part of the club of the same name, the Frontline occupies a large room with sunburst windows set against bare brick walls – it […]

October 17, 2013

Celebrate Christmas at the Frontline Club

With just 68 days to go, Christmas is fast approaching. If you haven’t yet booked your Christmas party, there is still time.

July 22, 2013

New Wines

The photography of assistant restaurant manager Ian Tesh returns. This time – a selection of our new wines for the summer. From left to right: Cuatro Pasos Mencia DO Bierzo, 2010, Spain: Made from 80 year old vines from the hillside of Bierzo in Northeastern Spain, this wine sees only two months of oak and […]

June 18, 2013

Images from the bar

Assistant Restaurant manager Ian Tesh has taken some snaps of the bar, including the new cucumber cocktail ‘Not The Bees!’ and the ‘Sipsmiths vodka espresso’.

May 14, 2013
May 7, 2013

Asparagus Delivery!

      Asparagus from our farm in Norfolk has been harvested in the sun and delivered to our kitchen ready for use in our new menu launching this week. Keep checking back here for more details.

May 7, 2013

Adnams Beers

Our range of Adnams beers has been increased, ready for the start of the summer (finally!). Book a table, come down and enjoy! Adnams brew a distinctive range of authentic beers which reflect our heritage as a brewer but also challenge conventions. Each one has its own unique and vibrant character that will appeal to […]

April 23, 2013

Make it a Frontline Monday

To celebrate the change of season and the return of the sunshine join us in the restaurant for lunch or dinner and collect your discount card to receive 50% off your restaurant bill on any Monday. Alternatively why not try our new lunch set menu valid Monday – Friday. For more details or for any […]

January 8, 2013

A retrospective glance at 2012

As we head into 2013 with all the vim and vigour you would expect from the Frontline Club, I thought it would be a good time to take a brief look at what happened in 2012. Firstly, the fact that you are reading this on our new and improved website is thanks to the hard […]

December 5, 2011

It’s almost time for seasonal greetings

The decorations are up, the gingerbread is out, and the music is playing softly in the background, we are definitely in the Christmas mood here at Frontline! The run up to Christmas can be quite stressful with thousands rushing to the shops, let us relieve your stress and by organising your party. No need to […]

November 12, 2011

A little something for our family and friends across the Atlantic

Celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to start the holiday season off by enjoying a lavish meal with family and friends. Originally celebrated by the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians to commemorate  the first harvest reaped after a harsh winter, we at Frontline thought it was time to […]

June 15, 2011

The Great Escape

As summer draws in and the grey weather simply wont disappear, why not join us for some delightful  Kentish strawberry Pavlova and a gorgeous glass of wine. After all, they are the only fruit with seeds on the outside!