A Case For Quesadillas


When the indigenous people of central Mexico, came across the Spanish settler larder in the mid 16th century, their favourite sweet pumpkin tortillas discovered new fillings, cheese, sheep, lamb & cow, the savoury quesadilla was born. Literally translated to ‘cheese (queso) little thing’. Its versatility has ensured instant and enduring popularity.

Eddie De Silva is Head Chef at Frontline, a Brazilian, culinary genius and all round Mr nice guy. His life evolves around the hot plates of the kitchen conjuring up, all sorts of recipes, menus, desserts, bread, nothing the man can’t do. Not surprising when I asked Eddie to send me a picture of what he was eating today without missing a beat or edit these four pictures were in my inbox. Forever organised, smiley and polite, he truly is the antithesis of what a modern chef in a ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ one would expect. That said after a two month stint as the designated family cook, Ed wanted to deliver something fast and simple that releases him from his duties to enjoy more of the summer sun. The quesadilla has been a family favourite of his since he was a boy, growing up in Brasil. It is simple, easy and allows your ‘fickle little’ patrons choose their own adventure, by way of filling and indeed you need only flip the tortilla over, in a hot pan or skillet, cut and serve.

Set the table with diced vegetables, tomato, onion, cucumber, peppers in green, red and yellow, mushrooms, grilled chicken, fish and a spicy beef mince, refried beans, a heaped bowl of grated cheddar and a bowl of fresh plump soft white mozzarella drizzled with virgin olive oil. Serve with a simple green salad, sour cream with chives and if you really want to go Mexican, spicy guacamole. This food also requires a big salt rimmed glass of Mexico’s favourite lady….. Margarita, for the kids and those who do not partake in alcoholic, a fresh homemade Sicilian lemonade should does the trick and voile or should one say… OLE!


No big instructions here, re ingredients a simple soft flour tortilla and use whatever veggies you have in you fridge, gather the household, get the kids involved, take it easy today.

Margarita – 2 oz Tequila, 1 oz Lime juice, 1 oz Cointreau. 
Rub the rim of the glass with the lime slice to make the salt stick to it.
Shake the other ingredients with ice, then carefully pour into the glass
Garnish with salt on the rim and serve over ice.

Sicilian lemonade – Squeeze 4 juicy lemons, add a litre of chilled water still or sparkling, your choice, 100g (1/2 cup) caster or superfine sugar & stir in a big glass pitcher.