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April 12, 2011 7:00 PM

In the Picture: On your doorstep, photography and poverty

An eye-opening presentation of photographs will be accompanied by a discussion with two respected photographers about their experiences of working in the UK, covering issues on their doorstep. What are the challenges at home compared to overseas? Liz Hingley will talk about problems of access, media interest and legal issues.

February 1, 2011 7:00 PM

In the Picture: Cartoonist of the Year – Martin Rowson

Although they are often ignored as a serious form of journalism, cartoons not only capture the flavour of a political era, they can provide some of the most enduring memories of politicians.
Cartoonist Martin Rowson will be speaking with Laurie Taylor at the Club about the power of satire, how he uses cartoons to create acerbic critiques of the world of politics and politicians and explaining how he goes about his work.

January 18, 2011 7:00 PM

In the Picture: Orphaned and Ostracised- HIV in Africa with Carol Allen Storey

“Orphans are Africa’s tsunami” claims photographer Carol Allen Storey, who has documented the lives of orphans in Sub Saharan Africa. Two groups of children provide a focal point for her work. One, a gang of Ugandan youngsters known as the ‘Dustbin tribe’, live and play on a rubbish tip, the other, lucky enough to be in school in Tanzania, are marked out from their classmates with red badges to signify their HIV positive status.

November 10, 2010 7:00 PM

In The Picture: Afghanistan with Adam Ferguson

Adam Ferguson is an up and coming star in the world of photojournalism. His photograph of the aftermath of a suicide bombing in Kabul won him first prize in the Spot News category at the World Press Photo Awards this year. Ferguson will be speaking at the Frontline Club about his work in Afghanistan, his successes to date and his plans for the future.

October 20, 2010 7:00 PM

In the Picture: Teun Voeten’s Tunnel People

Teun Voeten is an acclaimed war photographer who decided to live for five months in a tunnel underneath Manhattan’s well-healed Upper West Side. The eclectic mix of people he lived with underground form the basis of his book Tunnel People.

October 7, 2010 7:00 PM

In the Picture Exclusive with John G Morris: Never Again?

John G. Morris, LIFE magazine’s London Picture Editor on D-Day, who famously saved Robert Capa’s pictures of the landing on Omaha Beach, will discuss what we have learned from viewing images of war using recently released LIFE pictures of the aftermath of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

September 8, 2010 7:00 PM

In the Picture: Documentography

Two members of Documentography, Guilhem Alandry and Anna KÃ¥ri, will be at the Frontline Club to discuss their collective and their techniques, including an innovative joint project about a shanty town built on a rubbish tip in Sierra Leone commissioned by Save the Children.

June 9, 2010 7:00 PM

In the Picture with Daniel Schwartz: Central Asia, the hinterland of war

Daniel Schwartz has travelled and documented the Central Asian republics since the early years of their independence from the Soviet Union. His artistic book about the region Travelling Through the Eye of History captures the ancient allure of the old Silk Roads and the modern-day realities from Xinjiang province to the Caspian Sea, via Afghanistan. This event will be moderated by Steppe magazine associate editor Mitchell Albert.

May 14, 2010 7:00 PM

In the Picture: The shocking truth about the sex trade with Dana Popa

Moldova is one of the main source countries for trafficking women and children, up to 10% of the female population are sold into prostitution abroad. Dana Popa will be speaking at the Frontline Club about the issues surrounding sex trafficking and her experiences as a photographer. Mark Sealy, director of Autograph-ABP will be moderating this event. Read more about this event on the Frontline Blog here:

Friday 16th April, 2010

In the Picture: Haiti Earthquake with David Levene

The photographers behind the pictures taken in the aftermath of January’s earthquake in Haiti flocked to scenes of razed buildings and distraught victims. David Levene and Inigo Gilmore were among them. These accomplished Guardian journalists will be in conversation with the Guardian’s head of photography, Roger Tooth, about what the real images of the damage wrought by the Haiti earthquake are like, what is being censored out in the media and the role that photographers play in such tragedies.

Wednesday 10th March, 2010

In the Picture with Ed Kashi: Curse of the Black Gold

Ed Kashi is a US-based photojournalist and filmmaker whose work spans over 60 countries including Nigeria, Iraq and Afghanistan. In March’s In the Picture,Ed Kashi will explore his experiences as a photojournalist, focusing on his work in the Niger Delta.

Tuesday 2nd February, 2010

In the Picture with David Hoffman: War on Photography

British photographer David Hoffman, who specialises in coverage of protest and has dedicated his career to documenting racial and social conflict, policing and social exclusion, will focus on the war being waged on photography through oppressive policing and privacy laws that limit press freedom.

Wednesday 17th June, 2009

In the Pic with Balazs Gardi & Teru Kuwayama – Two Sides of the Story

Balazs Gardi and Teru Kuwayama met at the world press photo masterclass in 2000, and developed a friendship and collaborative approach to photography and journalism in the years that followed. Following the September 11 attacks on the United States, they both embarked on long term explorations of the region that is now commonly referred to […]

April 3, 2009

Live tonight: John D McHugh – War in Multimedia

Multimedia journalist and Frontline Club Journalism Award winner John D. McHugh will be talking at the Frontline Club tonight about reporting war across a range of media for The Guardian newspaper. We start at 7pm GMT/11am PST and as usual we will be streaming the event live on the Frontline Club live channel on the […]

Monday 2nd March, 2009

FULLY BOOKED – In the Picture with REZA: War and Peace – 30 Years on the Front Lines

World famous for his intrepid explorer’s style of photographing the most exotic places, Reza (as he is known) has covered most of the globe for National Geographic and other major international publications. This evening he’ll present and talk about a selection of work from his new book War + Peace. In the course of his […]

Wednesday 26th November, 2008

HIV / AIDS Season – In the picture with Gideon Mendel – Looking AIDS in the Face

26002.jpgGideon Mendel is an award winning photographer and has been documenting the impact of HIV/Aids in Africa for more than 15 years, working in 10 different countries to show the many ways the disease has devastated the lives of millions of ordinary people.

Friday 17th October, 2008

In the Picture with Irme Schaber: The Life and work of Gerda Taro

taro.jpgGerda Taro was a pioneering and largely unknown female photojournalist whose work consisted almost exclusively of dramatic photographs from the Spanish Civil War. Irme Schaber, Taro’s biographer and curator of the current exhibition at the Barbican will present and talk about a wide selection of Taro’s work.

Thursday 25th September, 2008

In the picture with Liu Heung Shing: China – Portrait of a Country

Pulitzer winning photographer Liu Heung Shing is a renowned Chinese photographer and a former foreign correspondent. In a career spanning over 20 years he covered China, India, Korea, the US and former USSR for all the major publications. 

Friday 5th September, 2008

In the Picture with Jehad Nga: Somalia through a lens

Jehad Nga is one of the most talented emerging photographers on the international scene and for the last three years has worked intensely in and around Mogadishu. For one night only he will present a selection of images from his portfolio and talk about operating as a photographer in one of the world’s most dangerous environments.

Monday 2nd June, 2008

In the picture with John Moore – Pakistan on the Brink FULLY BOOKED

John Moore has spent most of the last year photographing Pakistan’s slide into instability and in December 2007 was one of the few photographers present at the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Tonight, for one night only, he presents his work and talks in the context of the events in Pakistan over the last twelve months.

Wednesday 7th May, 2008

Congo Season: In the picture with Marcus Bleasdale -The Rape of a Nation

Marcus Bleasdale has now spent eight years covering the brutal conflict within the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the work was published in his book One Hundred Years of Darkness. Tonight he will present his work focusing on the people in Eastern Congo’s mining towns, where militia groups and government forces battle on a daily basis for control of the mineral-rich areas where they can exploit gold, coltan, cassiterite and diamonds.

Wednesday 23rd April, 2008

In the picture with Judah Passow – Shattered Dreams: Israel and the Palestinians

Judah Passow, one of the leading UK based photojournalists, presents images from over 25 years covering the Middle East and discusses how his pictures demonstrate the complex human reality that exists on both sides of the divide.

Thursday 10th April, 2008

In the picture with Seamus Murphy: A Darkness Visible – Afghanistan – FULLY BOOKED

From 1994 to 2006, Seamus Murphy photographed the effects of the Taliban regime, the tumultuous years of civil war and the historical elections following the fall of the Taliban. Alongside scenes of war and politics, his magnificent photographs capture intimate images of domesticity, work and leisure.

Friday 29th February, 2008

In the picture with Sean Smith – Iraq in focus: A year on from the ‘surge’

Sean Smith’s work in Iraq has won praise for exposing the pain and suffering of both ordinary Iraqis and US troops, tasked with restoring peace in country falling apart. Here he will present examples of his work and discuss with the Guardian’s diplomatic editor, Julian Borger, the story behind the images as well as where Iraq stands a year on from the controversial ‘surge’ of US troops.

Thursday 24th January, 2008

In the picture with Philip Jones Griffiths – Vietnam Trilogy – FULLY BOOKED

Philip Jones Griffiths, widely considered to be one of the greatest war photographers of the twentieth century presents his Vietnam Trilogy; photographs from the books that became classics of photojournalism and had a major influence on American perceptions of the war.

Thursday 25th October, 2007

In the picture with Heathcliff O’Malley – The World Since 9/11 from Iraq and Afghanistan

Heathcliff O’Malley recently returned from an embed with coalition forces on the front line of the worsening Iraq war where he shot some of the most defining photographs to come out of the region in recent months. He was one of the few photographers in New York at the time of the attacks on the World Trade Centre – the pictures he took that day were seen around the globe as the world tried to take in the magnitude of the attack. Since then he has followed the consequences ever since throughout Afghanistan and Iraq.

Thursday 27th September, 2007

In the picture with Yannis Kontos – Red Utopia: Photographs from North Korea

Yannis Kontos spent 17 days photographing North Korea, a country that remains out-of-bounds to journalists and reporters.

Thursday 30th August, 2007

In the picture with John D McHugh: On the frontline in Afghanistan

John D McHugh set off in April 2007 for a nine month embed on the frontlines in Afghanistan. 5 weeks later he was caught in a major ambush and captured some rare combat photographs before being shot and seriously injured.

Tuesday 19th June, 2007

In the picture with Declan Walsh – Multimedia journalism and the ongoing unrest in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Declan Walsh speaks about the pitfalls and merits of multimedia journalism,
war in Afghanistan, and Pakistan’s ongoing civil unrest.

Thursday 24th May, 2007

In the picture with Peter Turnley: Moments of the Human Condition

Peter Turnley, internationally-renowned photojournalist and consummate observer of major world events for the last two decades, will present his images and discuss his connection to visually communicating many of the most important international geo-political and human themes of our times.