in the picture

Thursday 26th April, 2007

In the picture with Clancy Chassay – Is Hizbollah getting ready to take on Israel again?

Clancy Chassay (multimedia journalist) discusses his coverage of the war between Hizbollah and Israel, the events that led to the present political standoff and the build up to more conflict.

Tuesday 27th March, 2007

In the picture with Tim Hetherington: The fault lines of West Africa

Photographer Tim Hetherington will show work from his recent trip to Liberia and discuss the fault lines of west Africa with colleague James Brabazon.

Thursday 15th February, 2007

In the picture with Gary Knight: Darfur’s war without end

Gary Knight, co-founder of the VII photo agency, and Rod Nordland, Newsweek’s Chief Foreign Correspondent, have just returned from Darfur. They speak about a country in meltdown and the incredible human suffering in the region.

January 9, 2007

In the picture with Alexandra Boulat: Women in the Middle East

Alexandra Boulat, co-founder of VII photo agency, speaks about working in war zones and her project on women in the Middle East.