Friday 19th October, 2007

Insight with Martin Bell – On Politics, Spin, Wars and Journalism

Martin Bell, maverick politician and one of the most distinguished foreign affairs reporters of his generation, talks about New Labour, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and spin.

Thursday 18th October, 2007

Media Talk: Russia – Cold War II?

A year after Anna Politkovskaya’s murder and the beginning of the Litvinenko affair and with just five months to go before presidential elections, Russia’s relations with Britain and other western countries are increasingly strained.

Wednesday 17th October, 2007

Insight with John Simpson – The World According to Simpson – FULLY BOOKED.

Veteran war correspondent John Simpson talks to John Kampfner about the changes the world has gone through during his life and long career.

Tuesday 16th October, 2007

Media Talk – Do journalists need a special safety convention?

As an ever greater number of journalists are killed and kidnapped, we discuss whether there is a need for a special international convention to protect journalists working in war and conflict zones.

Friday 12th October, 2007

Feliks Topolski Centenary Celebrations – the Changing Ways of Depicting Conflict

How has modern technology changed our perception of wars and conflict? Are war artists and chronicles now a thing of the past?
The event is organised as part of the Feliks Topolski centenary celebrations and to launch an exhibition of his wartime art at the Frontline Club.

Thursday 11th October, 2007

Media Talk: Sri Lanka – the Forgotten War?

With more than 70,000 dead after a conflict between Tamil Tiger rebels and the Sri Lankan government that has lasted for nearly three decades, peace seems further away than ever. How does the media cover this ongoing conflict?

Wednesday 3rd October, 2007

Insight with Lt Col Stuart Tootal and Patrick Bishop: Can the British win in Afghanistan?

Commander of 3 Para Battle Group in Afghanistan, Lt Col Tootal, talks about the challenges the Group faced in Helmand: the fighting and the casualties, the logistics and the ongoing fight to win ‘hearts and minds’.

Tuesday 25th September, 2007

Frontline Confidential: Selling nuclear weapons to rogue states and terrorists

Investigative journalists Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark reveal a vast nuclear black market sanctioned by Pakistan’s military elite, financed by aid money from the US, Saudi Arabia and Libya and receiving assistance from China.

Thursday 20th September, 2007

Media Talk: Pakistan Votes

Elections in Pakistan are due in October and Pervez Musharraf’s position is looking fragile, but he is not ready to give in.

Wednesday 19th September, 2007

Frontline Confidential – Beslan: Has the truth been told?

Writer Timothy Phillips talks about Beslan three years after the terrible tragedy there. He looks at whether the small tight-knit community been able to overcome the shock of what happened and questions whether we will ever find out the truth about the events of September 2004.

Friday 14th September, 2007

Insight with John Fisher Burns: The longest serving western journalist in Iraq

Winner of two Pulitzer Prizes and the longest serving western journalist in Iraq, John Fisher Burns talks about life in Iraq before and during the war and during the ongoing occupation.

Thursday 13th September, 2007

Media Talk. Iraq Surge: ‘Real Gains’ or Fiasco?

With the death toll rising and sectarian violence apparently worsening in Iraq, pressure is building for American and British troops to withdraw sooner rather than later even general Petraeus agrees, but for a different reason.

Friday 7th September, 2007

Media Talk: Afghanistan – Turning the Tide?

As Afghanistan overtakes Iraq as the Foreign Office’s number one priority in the war on terror, we ask whether the current British policy in this conflict-torn country is working.

Thursday 6th September, 2007

Insight with Andrew Keen: Is the internet killing journalism?

Silicon Valley veteran Andrew Keen explains why he believes the internet promotes plagiarism and piracy and is killing professional journalism and culture.

Thursday 30th August, 2007

In the picture with John D McHugh: On the frontline in Afghanistan

John D McHugh set off in April 2007 for a nine month embed on the frontlines in Afghanistan. 5 weeks later he was caught in a major ambush and captured some rare combat photographs before being shot and seriously injured.

Thursday 23rd August, 2007

Media Talk: Has western coverage of the China story become stale and cliched?

While the western media focuses on the well-worn stories of economic growth and human rights abuses, China is undergoing a huge economic and social transformation.

Wednesday 15th August, 2007

Insight with Clive Stafford-Smith: Defending terror suspects of Guantanamo – FULLY BOOKED

British civil rights lawyer talks about the fine democratic line between defending civilians from terrorist attacks and violating the rights of terror suspects, Guantanamo bay and capital penalty.

Tuesday 14th August, 2007

Insight with Henry Hemming: The Middle East as Art Project

British artist Henry Hemming travels to the Middle East in search of artistic inspiration and finds more than a conflict zone.

Thursday 2nd August, 2007

Insight with Edna Fernandes: Religious fundamentalism in India

Journalist and writer Edna Fernandes talks to Caspar Melville about why India, home of most of the world’s major religions, also hosts almost every type of religious fanaticism.

Tuesday 31st July, 2007

Insight with Bridget Kendall: In the shadows of Russia’s glitzy facade. FULLY BOOKED

BBC Diplomatic Correspondent, Bridget Kendall, talks about Russia beyond the glamour of Moscow and St Petersburg and what the Russians think of Vladimir Putin’s rule.

Friday 27th July, 2007

Insight with Marina Litvinenko and Alex Goldfarb: Alexander and the Russian Secret Service – FULLY BOOKED

The widow of the FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko and his best friend talk about the realities of the Russian secret service and share their thoughts on who is responsible for his poisoning.

Wednesday 25th July, 2007

Media Talk: Is the international community worsening the situation in Palestine?

As the conflict between Hamas and Fatah divides Palestine further we look at whether the international community has helped or hindered solutions to the crisis.

Tuesday 24th July, 2007

Media Talk: Gordon’s Foreign Policy

With thousands of troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, growing tensions with a resurgent Russia and the threat of terrorism at home and abroad, pressure is mounting on Gordon Brown to define Britain’s new foreign policy.

Friday 20th July, 2007

NEW! Insight with Hussein Aideed: Somalia at the Crossroads

Once an enthusiastic backer of the Ethiopian presence in Somalia and American attacks on the Islamic Courts fighters, Somali Deputy Prime Minister talks to Juliana Rufus about the reasons he split from the current government to form an alliance with the Islamic Courts in Eritrea.

Tuesday 17th July, 2007

Insight with Hadani Ditmars – Being a Woman in Iraq

Hadani Ditmars, Canadian journalist who has been writing from Iraq since 1997, talks to Fionnuala Sweeney about women in Iraq and how their lives have changed, drawing on her experiences described in her acclaimed book Dancing in the No-Fly Zone.

Friday 13th July, 2007

Insight with Benazir Bhutto: Pakistan on the Brink

Former prime minister of Pakistan and head of the Pakistan People’s Party talks about the future of her country – one of the West’s key allies in the "war on terror".

Thursday 12th July, 2007

Media Talk: Cameras in conflict: the changing face of war photography

Two times Pulitzer Prize winner Horst Faas, this year’s winner Oded Balilty and Santiago Lyon from AP discuss the dramatic changes in war photography as both war and camera technology become increasingly high tech.

Wednesday 11th July, 2007

Frontline Confidential: How to Take on the Pharmaceutical Industry and Win

Investigative journalists Elaine Potter and Philip Knightley relate how an investigatation by the Sunday Times Insight Team led to hundreds of Thalidomide victims winning compensation from drug manufacturers.

Friday 6th July, 2007

Media Talk: RCTV off the air: What’s the full story?

The Venezuelan government’s decision not to renew the broadcasting licence of Radio Caracas Television (RCTV) is changing the face of Venezuelan media.

Tuesday 3rd July, 2007

Media Talk: A new government but is Nigeria ungovernable?

With the new president sworn in after rigged elections, Nigeria is still in pitiful state and the conflict in the oil-rich Niger delta is escalating so what lies in store for Africa’s most populous nation?