Insight with Marina Litvinenko and Alex Goldfarb: Alexander and the Russian Secret Service – FULLY BOOKED

Talk Friday 27th July, 2007

The widow of the FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko and his best friend talk about the realities of the Russian secret service and share their thoughts on who is responsible for his poisoning.

Alexander Litvinenko’s last public appearance was at the Frontline Club in October 2006, when he spoke about the murder of his friend Anna Politkovskaya, an outspoken Russian journalist who was shot dead in Moscow last year.

Several weeks later Litvinenko was poisoned in a London restaurant. Why was he murdered? Was it the fact the he was an outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin, or that he was a friend of the exiled oligarch Boris Berezovsky?

Litvinenko’s spokesman and close friend, Alex Goldfarb, and widow, Marina, are the two people who know more about the man and his murder that anyone else.

Moderated by Nick Fielding.