Insight with John Fisher Burns: The longest serving western journalist in Iraq

Talk Friday 14th September, 2007

Winner of two Pulitzer Prizes and the longest serving western journalist in Iraq, John Fisher Burns talks about life in Iraq before and during the war and during the ongoing occupation.

The New York Times‘ chief foreign correspondent has been reporting from Iraq for five years. He was based in Baghdad during the lead-up to the Iraq war in 2003 and has covered the war and occupation extensively.

Burns has worked for The New York Times since 1975 and received two Pulitzer Prizes for  "his courageous and thorough coverage of the destruction of Sarajevo and the barbarous killings in the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina" in 1993 and "for his courageous and insightful coverage of the harrowing regime imposed on Afghanistan by the Taliban" in 1997.

He has now moved to the UK to become The New York Times Bureau Chief in London.

Moderated by Paul Wood – BBC Defence Correspondent.