Frontline Confidential: Selling nuclear weapons to rogue states and terrorists

Talk Tuesday 25th September, 2007

Investigative journalists Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark reveal a vast nuclear black market sanctioned by Pakistan’s military elite, financed by aid money from the US, Saudi Arabia and Libya and receiving assistance from China.

Levy and Scott-Clark are renowned investigative journalists and have been nominated three times for the British Press Awards.

They specialise in covering unusual issues such as the Burmese government’s involvement in drug production and the Yaba industry in Thailand.

In 2002 their work was selected by El Mundo in Spain and Courrier Internationale in France, as among the best of courageous European journalism.

Their latest investigation took them to Pakistan, a key western ally in the "war on terror".

They discovered a booming nuclear market sanctioned by Pakistan’s military elite with weapons secretly sold to Iran, North Korea and many others – with the apparent knowledge of the US government.

Evidence has also been uncovered that successive US administrations have conducted a deliberate cover-up, facilitating the spread of the very weapons they vilify.

Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark are the authors of several books including The Stone of Heaven, The Amber Room and most recently Deception: Pakistan, the United States and the Global Nuclear Weapons Conspiracy.

The event is organised in association with the Centre for Investigative Journalism.