Media Talk: Is the international community worsening the situation in Palestine?

Talk Wednesday 25th July, 2007

As the conflict between Hamas and Fatah divides Palestine further we look at whether the international community has helped or hindered solutions to the crisis.

The international community has been criticized for a lack of intervention, re-inforcing the conflict through protecting other national interests and ostracising Hamas

Will Hamas and Fatah be able to find a solution that reunites Palestinian society and what role, if any, should the International community play?

Hussein Agha – Senior Associate member at St. Anthony’s college, Oxford and co-author of A Framework for a Palestinian National Security Doctrine.

Jonathan Freedland – Columnist for the Guardian and columnist for the Jewish Chronicle, writer for the Evening Standard and presenter of The Long View , BBC Radio 4’s history series.

Azzam Tamimi – author of Hamas: Unwritten Chapters.

Samir El-Youssef – A Palestinian author and journalist, born in a refugee camp in Lebanon and recipient of the Swedish PEN Tucholsky Award. Contributor to the New Statesman, the Guardian and  the Jewish Chronicle.

Moderated by Tim Llewellyn – former BBC Middle East correspondent.