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March 21, 2008

Welsh fears for Philip Jones Griffiths collection

According to The Western Mail Frontline Club Honorary member Philip Jones Griffiths spent the last seven years of his life trying to find a permanent home for his photos. However it appears he failed to reach an agreement with a number of Welsh institutions including Bangor, Aberystwyth and Newport Universities and the National Library of […]

March 20, 2008

Terry Lloyd’s widow demands truth

In an interview to be broadcast tonight on ITV Lynn Lloyd, the widow of ITN war reporter Terry Lloyd who was killed by American troops in March 2003, says she wants to know the name of the man who killed her husband, A coroner recorded a verdict of unlawful killing at the inquest into his […]

March 19, 2008

Philip Jones Griffiths (1936 – 2008)

[video:brightcove:1394647866] After a lengthy battle with cancer, Philip Jones Griffiths sadly passed away on Wednesday 19 March. Philip was a Frontline Club member and was widely considered to be one of the greatest war photographers of the twentieth century. He is best remembered for his work on the war in Vietnam – his seminal book […]

March 12, 2008

Former Scoopt head honcho blogs for Frontline

Great to have Scoopt founder Kyle MacRae blogging with us here at From the Frontline. Kyle founded the world’s first citizen journalism photograph agency – – in 2005. He’s been at the forefront of digital media industry ever since. He sold the company to Getty Imgaes a year ago and just last week left […]

March 12, 2008

Media priorities

It’s hard not not hard to agree with the first comment on this blog about Frontline Club member Marcus Bleasdale’s multimedia report from the Democratic Republic of Congo. “nonstop media coverage because one of our Governors had some sex with an expensive whore, but this gets nothing.” link The commenter is, of course, referring to […]

March 5, 2008

“More nervous than when I read the 10 o’clock news”

Frontline club member George Alagiah received his OBE for services to journalism this week. He admitted feeling “hugely honoured” by the award and that meeting the Queen got his nerves going a bit more than the day job does, “I think because there is history behind all of this and when you think of all […]

March 4, 2008

2008 British Press Awards

The 2008 British Press Awards nominees were announced today. Sean Smith, from the previous post, is up for the new category of “Digital journalist of the year” while the contenders for Foreign Reporter of the year consist of almost all Frontline Club members, Christina Lamb from the Sunday Times, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad who works for The […]

March 3, 2008

Oliver Poole in the Red Zone

Oliver Poole, a Frontline Club member we’ve blogged about previously, is pictured hard at work in a British base in Majar al-Kabir, 250 miles south-east of Baghdad. Oliver wrote Red Zone and the publisher Reportage Press has a Flickr photo group of snaps from and of its writers.

March 3, 2008

NATO discusses digital media

NATO Review discusses the effects of new media and blogging upon the amount and quality of information coming out of warzones today. The video discussion includes contributions from the founder of – a haven for bomb blasts, humvee crashes and the like. The discussion accompanies an article by our very own Vaughan Smith about […]

February 28, 2008

Journalists are targets says Allan Little

Patrick Smith at the Press Gazette grills Allan Little, Frontline Club member, regular MC at club events and BBC foreign correspondent. Allan talks about his time in the former Yugoslavia and how the conflict changed his life, “The one that changed my life was Yugoslavia,” he says. “The funny thing was, it started within a […]

February 26, 2008

Conflict economics

Frontline club member, photojournalist and regular in these parts, Marcus Bleasdale gets the Q&A going over at the Santa Barbara’s Independent prior to a talk he is giving a UCSB next month. Marcus’ work focusses on Africa, in particular the Democratic Republic of Congo. Money, he says, is at the root of all conflict, These […]

February 16, 2008

Ben Hammersley covers Pakistan elections

Founding Frontline club member and From the Frontline blogger Ben Hammersley is on the move. He heads to Pakistan today for a week to cover the upcoming elections. He’ll be blogging along the way and you can follow what he’s up to as soon as his blog reawakens here. Ben has more on his personal […]

February 15, 2008

Tim Hetherington talks

Frontline Club founding member and this year’s World Press Photo of the year award winner, Tim Hetherington, is in conversation with Der Spiegel this week, It was Hetherington’s third tour there with US forces. The British photographer was once again traveling with the 2nd Platoon of Battle Company, part of the 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry […]

February 13, 2008

Not taking any flak yet

The BBC TV war reporter comedy series Taking the flak was supposed to start filming in Kenya this month. Due to the unrest there, the project has been shelved for now. Richard Kay in The Daily Mail has more, Alas the £1million series – called Taking The Flak and starring veteran actor Martin Jarvis as […]

February 5, 2008

The death of war reporting

[video:brightcove: 1260649123] Frontline Club Honorary member and occasional speaker at the club talks about the death of war reporting and lamentable state of the news in general on The Guardian’s Comment is free site, The death of war reporting is an inevitable consequence of the increasing dangers out there. The worst that could happen in […]

February 4, 2008

The flak jacket in her wardrobe

[video:brightcove:1399286156] Foreign Correspondent of the year, Frontline club member and regular feature on this blog, Christina Lamb, spoke last week about her life as a foreign correspondent and her new book, Small wars permitting. You can watch the whole talk by clicking the video above.

January 30, 2008

No more Mr. Nice Guy

[video:youtube:o1OQ3warWkU] Talking on The Book Show, club member and seeming regular on this blog, John Simpson talks about his attitude to reporting, particularly war reporting, and how it has changed in recent years, A man that drops a bomb from 16,000 feet. The man or woman that straps explosives around him or herself and goes […]

January 29, 2008

Philip Jones Griffiths – Vietnam Trilogy

You can now watch the event here. Philip Jones Griffiths is widely considered to be one of the greatest war photographers of the twentieth century. He presented pictures from his trilogy of Vietnam books at the club last week. I was there and it was a fascinating talk. One of those talks where you don’t […]

January 29, 2008

Bleasdale on the BBC

Frontline member and photojournalist, Marcus Bleasdale, is interviewed by Chris Vallance from BBC Radio 5 Live’s Pods and blogs show. You can listen the download here. Marcus talks about his work in the Democratic Republic of Congo and his use of multimedia. His is the second interview slot on the show. Incidentally, Chris showed up […]

January 29, 2008

I’m not Trevor

It appears BBC World Affairs Editor and Frontline club member, John Simpson, gets mistaken for all kinds of other media folk. Int eh February issue of High Life Magazine, John tells readers he is often mistaken for Sir David Attenborough. But, it doesn’t end there, ‘In Britain, I’m also occasionally mistaken for Jon Snow, though […]

January 28, 2008

Vaughan Smith up for a Guardian gong

OK. Here’s some great news. Club founder and journalist whizz of the old school, Vaughan Smith, is up for a gong at the inaugural Media Guardian Innovation Awards, or MEGAs, for his live blogging, video reports, twittering and picture taking from the frontline on this very blog. He is up against two other blogs in […]

January 24, 2008

Back to Vietnam

Philip Jones Griffith was talking about his photographic work at the Frontline club tonight. He focussed on Vietnam. The hall was rammed and it was standing room only. Philip ran through some of his most famous photographs beginning with the start of the Vietnam war up until around 2002. The pictures were drawn from nearly […]

January 22, 2008

Marcus on MediaStorm, Fred on the frontline

Marcus Bleasdale emails to tell us about a stunning new multimedia package he has produced for MediaStorm. It’s called Rape of a Nation. It includes Marcus’ incredible black and white photographs, interviews with the photographer and video footage. You can watch the 12 minute production by clicking the video above or visiting the MediaStorm site […]

January 19, 2008

Knowing it

The Times reviews club member Christina Lamb’s new book Small Wars Permitting today. Quentin Peel, the FT’s international affairs editor and reviewer of the book, makes some pretty spot on observations about journalists, It is not just a question of being in the right place at the right time, as [Christina] says herself, but of […]

January 16, 2008

Dressing the story

Is it just me, or is The Guardian newspaper increasingly headed towards the tabloid drain these days?? Anyway… Tim Dowling explores the sartorial possibilities for burka wearing, master of disguise, Frontline club member and roving reporter John Simpson as he traverses the world’s danger zones. Most recently in Zimbabwe. I bet you can’t guess which […]

January 15, 2008

Simpson gets a makeover

Frontline club member and BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson is in Zimbabwe filing live reports for the BBC News at Ten. No mean feat for one of Britain’s most recognizable reporters in one of the world’s least BBC-friendly spots, Back in London a make-up artist fitted me out with a beard, to make me […]

January 14, 2008

Lamb on 5 Live

Frontline club member and 2007 Foreign correspondent of the year Christina Lamb, joins BBC Radio 5 live’s Simon Mayo to talk about her most recent book, Small Wars Permitting: Dispatches from Foreign Lands. Download the interview here. Christina will be talking about her life as a foreign correspondent and the new book at the club […]

January 10, 2008

Elephant’s graveyard

Words of woe for club members John Simpson and George Alagiah seeping from the pen of Daily Mail columnist Richard Kay today, Perhaps globetrotting John Simpson should avoid the Pan Bookshop on the Fulham Road when next in London. His book News From No Man’s Land is at half price in the shop’s closing down […]

January 9, 2008

Wilson heads to Harvard

Frontline club founder member Simon Wilson is taking a one year break from the BBC and his former desk at the Middle East bureau to head to Harvard. He blogs on the BBC Editors blog about his new life and how the decline of the American newspaper industry looks on the ground, One thing that’s […]

January 7, 2008

Marie Colvin in Basra

Last week Frontline Club member and Sunday Times journalist, Marie Colvin, became the first unembedded western journalist from a British newspaper to visit Basra for nearly two years. She worked under the cover of an abbaya. Nevertheless, Basra is an extremely dangerous place to work unembedded. So much so that one of Marie’s interviewees took […]