The death of war reporting

[video:brightcove: 1260649123] Frontline Club Honorary member and occasional speaker at the club talks about the death of war reporting and lamentable state of the news in general on The Guardian’s Comment is free site,

The death of war reporting is an inevitable consequence of the increasing dangers out there. The worst that could happen in my time was to be caught in the crossfire of someone else’s war. Today’s practitioners are targeted and singled out for kidnap and execution. The death of Terry Lloyd of ITN in Iraq was a chilling reminder to us all: today’s war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan offer no foothold for independent and free-ranging journalism. link

It’s a theme Martin talked at length about at the club late last year. Click the video above to hear more. And it’s a truism that sites like Alive in Baghdad, bloggers and local journalists working in war zones know only too well.