Journalists are targets says Allan Little

Patrick Smith at the Press Gazette grills Allan Little, Frontline Club member, regular MC at club events and BBC foreign correspondent. Allan talks about his time in the former Yugoslavia and how the conflict changed his life,

“The one that changed my life was Yugoslavia,” he says. “The funny thing was, it started within a few months of the Gulf War and everyone’s eyes were very-much focused on the Persian Gulf, and this strange little conflict in south east Europe was seen as something of a sideshow. It didn’t attract the big-hitters of the day until relatively late in the conflict.” link

and on the dangers of being a foreign correspondent in today’s world,

“In Yugoslavia it was the kind of danger where if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time you were in trouble. The kind of danger journalists face now is malicious pursuit and the deliberate attempt to target and murder them.” link

Image taken from ViewImages