The week ahead at the Frontline Club: From revolution to escaping Bolivia’s tin mines

Join us tonight as we will bring the focus back to Tunisia and Egypt where the Arab Spring began. We will be discussing how successful these revolutions have been and what more needs to be done before the protesters get their wish for democracy.
Filmmaker John D McHugh will take part in a Q&A following a double-bill screening of Endgame, which looks at the US presence in Afghanistan and Bahrain: Fighting for Change, which was filmed in late February and documents the uprising in the country. We will also be showing a double-bill by Director Rodrigo Vazquez, Child Miners and Teenage Miners, follow the story of poverty-stricken children forced to work in Bolivia’s tin mines.

There are still tickets available for September’s First Wednesday Special discussing the impact of 9/11 on our world today and how it will continue to shape our future. Full details will be announced tomorrow.

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