December 28, 2007

John Moore in Rawalpindi

The New York Times uses a combination of images, audio and text to rapidly create a very powerful and informative multimedia report from Getty’s John Moore who was at the scene of Benazir Bhutto’s assasination in Rawalpindi yesterday. via Ben

December 18, 2007

Strange games and bridges

Jocelyne Saab started out as a war reporter in 1975 before turning her hand to fiction and feature films in 1985 with her first film, Suspended Life. She talks with NewIndPress at the International Film Festival of Kerala about her work as a war reporter and her more recent artistic endeavours with “Strange Games and […]

November 29, 2007

Marcus Bleasdale back from Congo

Frontline Club member Marcus Bleasdale has spent the best part of the last decade in and out of Congo taking photographs of the ongoing conflict. As well as contributing to newspapers and magazines, Marcus documented his work in the book One hundred years of darkness. The book was recognised in the best photojournalism books of […]

November 18, 2007

Story behind the snap

Photographer Luis Sinco tells the story of the image he took of Marine Lance Corporal James Blake Miller as the soldier’s regiment entered Falluja on 8 November 2004, On the second day of the battle, I called my wife by satellite phone to tell her that I was OK. She told me my photo had […]

2 November 2007

War & Protest exhibition

When Vaughan and Pranvera Smith asked us to choose the Pictures of War and Protest that now hang at The Frontline Club we decided to pull no punches. We wanted to compel you, the members and guests of Frontline, to think of the risk taken by those who took the pictures and also to think about those who were photographed.

October 5, 2007

Alexandra Boulat

Alexandra Boulat, co-founder of VII photo agency, speaks about working in war zones and her project on women in the Middle East.

October 1, 2007

What it’s like to be in a firefight

John D McHugh was shot in Afghanistan and was lucky to survive. He talked at the Frontline Club about his experience working as a photographer in Afghanistan. Today, on his blog, he retells the story he wrote from his hospital bed, So, here it is. This is the account I wrote of the 14 May […]

Thursday 27th September, 2007

In the picture with Yannis Kontos – Red Utopia: Photographs from North Korea

Yannis Kontos spent 17 days photographing North Korea, a country that remains out-of-bounds to journalists and reporters.

September 25, 2007

Rene Burri prefers soft focus

Frontline Network member Deborah Bonello had a natter with Swiss-born veteran Magnum snapper Reni Burri. He’s had enough of blood and guts, What I deplore is this kind of focusing on violence and almost pornographic views on what’s going on. There’s a big wide world out there which is fantastic to record. There’s still a […]

September 21, 2007

Reuters in Iraq

Residents are seen through a shattered windshield of a vehicle after clashes between U.S. forces and suspected insurgents, in Baghdad’s Shula district August 24, 2007. From a Reuters 36 snap Iraq slideshow published today.

September 16, 2007

Wot a picture, wot a photograph

Move over Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass and all the BBC noddies. It’s the photographer’s turn at fakery. From The Observer, The iconic image of the young John F Kennedy Jr saluting the coffin of his assassinated father reappeared on television and in newspapers last month, accompanying obituaries for Joe O’Donnell that lauded him as one […]

September 14, 2007

Cambodian house moves

Following on from the Magnum love of yesterday, Magnum’s Cambodia-based John Vink writes an oddly third person blog – hey, maybe he doesn’t write it all. It’s misleading or just plain odd, but… the content should be worth a butcher’s. Magnum are calling it the Khmer Chronicles, Except for a few rare occasions over the […]

September 13, 2007

Conflicted vision

Magnum Photos have put together a gripping audiovisual slideshow, or essay, of a recent history of conflict with the voice and views of Robin Lustig of the BBC World Service. Well worth going through the whole show. If only I could embed it here…. via Sambrook

September 5, 2007

“Do their photographs make any difference?”

That was the question posed by John G Morris writing about the Frontline Club War & Protest exhibition. Sorry to bombard this blog with video – and again from TED Talks – so early on in the game, just when we’re searching for feet, taking first steps and all that, but to find the answer […]

September 4, 2007

From Pyongyang with pictures

On 27th September Yannis Kontos will be at the Frontline Club showing and talking about the photographs he took during 17 days in North Korea. It’s not the easiest place to get to, and certainly not a simple spot to work in. Yannis will be telling us how he did it. If you’re hungry for […]

Tuesday 5th June, 2007

Kate Brooks

Every day thousands of Iraqis abandon their homes in search of safety. Many have been kidnapped, tortured, forced to pay ransoms or watched family members killed before their eyes . The decision to leave their country is their last hope and the journey is perilous.

Friday 30th March, 2007

Marcus Bleasdale

The Democratic Republic of Congo carries the tragic label of the deadliest war in the world today. An estimated four million people have died since 1998.