Strange games and bridges

Jocelyne Saab started out as a war reporter in 1975 before turning her hand to fiction and feature films in 1985 with her first film, Suspended Life. She talks with NewIndPress at the International Film Festival of Kerala about her work as a war reporter and her more recent artistic endeavours with “Strange Games and Bridges” – an exhibition that toured Singapore, Beirut, Spain and Italy in 2007,

“At that moment when you have your camera in hand, you think you are invulnerable,” says Jocelyne, but goes on to add, “You never realise it then. But these images could destroy you psychologically… These are not just war reports which you watch on television over dinner. These would make you think, make you aware that this can happen to you, to your friends, to your family and also carries a message to stay away from war.” link

Saab talked more about the exhibition in YaLibnan earlier this year.