“Do their photographs make any difference?”

That was the question posed by John G Morris writing about the Frontline Club War & Protest exhibition. Sorry to bombard this blog with video – and again from TED Talks – so early on in the game, just when we’re searching for feet, taking first steps and all that, but to find the answer to the question on the can, watch James Natchwey’s presentation. Delivered with zero-drama.
And while we’re on the subject of James Natchwey, it looks as though he’s plotting something spectacular. Anyone know anymore on this? I’ll paste the plot meat below,

* I’m working on a story that the world needs to know about. I wish for you to help me break it in a way that provides spectacular proof of the power of news photography in the digital age.
Plan of Execution:
* Gain access to a place in the world where a critical situation is occurring and fully document it with photography.
* Set a date to unveil the pictures and find a series of innovative ways to create powerful impact with them, using novel display technologies and the power of the Internet as well as media.
* Use the campaign to generate resources for organizations that are working to address and transform the situation.
We Are Looking For:
* Diplomatic and logistics help in order to get James to the story location (potential contributors will be given confidential access to the story being contemplated).
* An advisory team of creative mavericks to help conceive the strongest ways of making an impact.
* Offers of large public space worldwide that can be used to display the images.
* Help with plastering the story online with media impressions.
* A partner to provide a solution to project images digitally outdoors.
* A PR and communications partner.
* Media partners.
Questions we’re still asking:
* What are creative ways to make the biggest impact in a way that others could use in future?
* How do we best ensure that this effort leads to action to solve the problem?