Cambodian house moves

Following on from the Magnum love of yesterday, Magnum’s Cambodia-based John Vink writes an oddly third person blog – hey, maybe he doesn’t write it all. It’s misleading or just plain odd, but… the content should be worth a butcher’s. Magnum are calling it the Khmer Chronicles,

Except for a few rare occasions over the last thirty years John Vink arrives too late… Or does he? When he gets where he wants to be, the paroxysms of the crisis are gone. So are most of the media, on to another spot on Earth where violence and tension are mounting. John thinks it’s starting to get interesting when no one is watching anymore…

Interesting in a different way, for sure. And more niche, more exclusive too.

The very particular and intricate values which built Khmer society over the centuries were shattered by a constant urgency to survive. The country is far from having recovered the tissue of solidarity which binds a society and which provides protection to those weaker members of its community.
Khmer Chronicles proposes to give you a glimpse of that Cambodia. John Vink won’t talk about himself right away but it’ll tell you a lot about what he is interested in… And you can always ask him a question. Probably he’ll answer…

As a taster, here’s a photo essay called Terre Rouge… darned wish I could embed this stuff… So good, I think I should start experimenting with SoundSlides.