What it’s like to be in a firefight

John D McHugh was shot in Afghanistan and was lucky to survive. He talked at the Frontline Club about his experience working as a photographer in Afghanistan. Today, on his blog, he retells the story he wrote from his hospital bed,

So, here it is. This is the account I wrote of the 14 May ambush is which I was shot. It was mostly written in hospital in Germany, just days after the incident, so I could record as much of the raw emotion and detail as possible. Since then I have emailed and spoken with many people to confirm details, but of course some of it will still be incorrect. What I have written is what I can remember, between the confusion and the pain. I hope it helps people understand what it is like to be in a firefight, not for reporters, but for soldiers who face this day after day. link

John’s account of working in Afghanistan and his subsequent shooting, illustrated with his stunning photographs is a must watch from the Frontline events archive.