September 25, 2008

LIVE event: Liu Heung Shing on China

[video:bliptv:1301208] Pulitzer winning photographer Liu Heung Shing is a renowned Chinese photographer and a former foreign correspondent. In a career spanning over 20 years he covered China, India, Korea, the US and former USSR for all the major publications. China: Portrait of a Country is the new photography volume edited by Liu and brings together […]

Thursday 25th September, 2008

In the picture with Liu Heung Shing: China – Portrait of a Country

Pulitzer winning photographer Liu Heung Shing is a renowned Chinese photographer and a former foreign correspondent. In a career spanning over 20 years he covered China, India, Korea, the US and former USSR for all the major publications. 

September 22, 2008

In defence of the shocking

Bernard-Henri Levy picks apart the media reaction to the Paris Match Taliban photographs taken by photographer Veronique de Viguerie and asks the question – When are news photographs too shocking for public consumption? – After firing a broadside at the commentators and government officials who lambasted de Viguerie and Paris Match, he offers a staunch […]

September 22, 2008

Capa snap story told at Barbican

A new exhibition of photography from the late Robert Capa will show at the Barbican in London next month. Some 72 years after the famous falling soldier photo was taken and for the first time in the UK every image taken by Capa on that same day will be shown. “There have been various theories […]

September 16, 2008

Censorship at work in Baghdad

Caesar Ahmad and Tina Susman write about censorship at work in Iraq for the LA Times Babylon and Beyond blog. The duo describe what happened when a bomb exploded on Sunday near the Baghdad bureau of the Los Angeles Times and the photographers headed to the scene, It was about a three-minute walk to the […]

September 9, 2008

Ugly of war

John D. McHugh, Frontline Club member and regular in these parts, has his latest short film from Afghanistan up on The Guardian website. He to a member of a the US army Medevac team about the day to day job of helping the wounded and the dying. John says he has a lot more footage […]

September 5, 2008

Live tonight: Photographer Jehad Nga on Somalia

[video:brightcove:1740029320] Jehad Nga will be talking at the Frontline Club tonight (Fri 5 September 7.30 pm UK time) about his photographs from Somalia. The talk is part of the Somalia season we are running at present. Click the video above to learn more about that. As usual, if you can’t make it tonight, please come […]

Friday 5th September, 2008

In the Picture with Jehad Nga: Somalia through a lens

Jehad Nga is one of the most talented emerging photographers on the international scene and for the last three years has worked intensely in and around Mogadishu. For one night only he will present a selection of images from his portfolio and talk about operating as a photographer in one of the world’s most dangerous environments.

September 4, 2008

Marcus Bleadale in Georgia and beyond

Marcus Bleasdale is a bit of a regular in these parts and it seems the Oslo-based photojournalist has been busy of late. The above frame is taken from a recent commission in Georgia. Beyond all out war, Marcus has also visited Venezuala and the USA. There are some great pictures (as usual) in all these […]

September 4, 2008

Francoise Demulder dies age 61

Francoise Demulder, the French war photographer who became the first woman to win the World Press Photo award in 1976, has died, according to the International Herald Tribune today. She died of a heart attack at a hospital in Paris. She was 61 years old. “She was considered by all her colleagues as very courageous,” […]

September 4, 2008

Georgia in motion

Now that’s how to do a multimedia presentation and get inside the workings of a photojournalist on the road all through images and emails. A Georgian Diary by Thomas Dworzak for Magnum in Motion is excellent, The Russians invaded Georgia on August 8th, while George W. Bush was in Beijing attending the Olympics. Twenty days […]

September 3, 2008

Iraqi snapper Ibrahim Jassam arrested

Ibrahim Jassam, an Iraqi photographer working for Reuters, has been arrested by US forces south of Baghdad. He “posed a threat to security” an army officer told AFP by email. Reuters demand he is either charged or released, “We are concerned to hear about Jassam’s detention, and urge the US military to either charge or […]

September 1, 2008

International Festival of Photojournalism 2008

The International Festival of Photojournalism starts this week in Perpignan. I hope to be able to pop down to the festival on Thursday or Friday, let me know if you’re going. You can follow the festival blog here. There’s a regularly updated list of who will be at the festival. The first goal of the […]

August 28, 2008

A look back at South Ossetia

Global Voices point us to Live Journal user photomans with photographs from Tskhinvali and a refugee camp in Vladikavkaz. They’re from mid-August, but have not been circulated throughout western media as far as I can tell. There are the, by now, familiar appeals from journalists who know no other way of contacting bloggers in the […]

August 20, 2008

Yuri Kozyrev in South Ossetia

TIME photographer Yuri Kozyrev rides with Russian troops through Georgia and the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali. Meanwhile, Leli Blagonravova, a Georgian photojournalist, who was in Gori when the Russians first attacked on August 8-9 delivers a personal account on France 24’s Observers site. The Frontline Club‘s very own Kim Sengupta reports on Georgian claims […]

August 18, 2008

Busted in Beijing

Kevin German gets his collar felt while shooting the arrest of a "scalper" in Beijing. Scalpers sell tickets for inflated prices to punters wanting a seat at the Olympics, Once the man was on the ground the other officer lunged at me again. He pushed me and hit me in the head. I don’t think […]

August 15, 2008

Arkady Babchenko in Georgia

Arkady Babchenko’s photographs of the war in Georgia and South Ossetia are more graphic than you’ll find in the British press. Arkady is an ex-Russian soldier turned author who served in Chechnya. He works as a journalist with Novaya Gazeta – the same newspaper that Anna Politkovskaya wrote for before she was murdered. We’ve featured […]

August 14, 2008

Sean Smith in Georgia

Frontline Club regular and World Press photographer of the year Sean Smith is in Georgia for The Guardian. Here are the latest snaps.

August 14, 2008

Tributes to Alexander Klimchuk

Tributes to Alexander Klimchuk, the photographer who owned Caucasus Press Images and was killed in the South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali earlier this week, are pouring in to the Lightstalkers forum. Mark Pinder, a freelance photographer from North Shields, Tyne and Wear talked to Amateur Photographer about his memories of the Georgian snapper, “We first met […]

August 14, 2008

Into South Ossetia with Yuri Kozyrev

TIME photographer Yuri Kozyrev travels with Russian units through South Ossetia. Click the image above to see a photgallery of recent images.

August 8, 2008

8-8-88 remembered

The photojournalism blog Verve Photo features the work of Brian Sokol today. The Nepal-based American snapper has covered a range of stories from “armed conflict in the Himalayas to the international trafficking of human organs”. The photo above is from the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis in Burma. Meanwhile, writing in The International Herald Tribune, Ko […]

August 6, 2008

Muting the war

Fascinating reminder of the way American and western media report the wars in Iraq and Afghanstan on The Media Channel, Why do I think this image from Thursday’s NYT is so profound? It’s because the military has been so overwhelmingly effective in muting the war, and the war photographer, that — practically without notice — […]

July 20, 2008

Editorial preferences

[video:youtube:L5XIhIpVUfI] Photo District News has more on the disembedding of photojournalist and blogger Zoriah Miller, “The official reason which they chose to use for disembedding me was that I had supplied the enemy with information on the effectiveness of attack,” he said. “I told the public affairs officer, listen, I really have to disagree with […]

July 15, 2008

Afghanistan – Not won yet

Aryn Baker talks over a slideshow of some great shots of British troops in Afghanistan on the TIME Magazine wesbite. Click the image above to play the slideshow. The article accompanying the images is called Afghanistan – A war that’s still not won, The villagers couldn’t–or wouldn’t–fight back. “We are afraid,” says Madin. “The Taliban […]

July 14, 2008

Zoriah Miller says he was censored

Democracy Nation talk to Zoriah Miller, the American photojournalist we previously blogged about here and here, who was booted out of Iraq last week. He describes the aftermath of the attack he photographed that led to the US Army immediately disembedding him, I immediately began to take as many pictures as I possibly could, which […]

July 14, 2008

Cambodia journalist gunned down

Magnum snapper John Vink writes about going home to Phnom Penh to discover Khem Sambo, a local journalist, and his son were gunned down in the street, Today the cremation ceremony took place at the Toul Tompoung pagoda. Sambo is the 12th journalist killed in Cambodia since 1993. link Radio Australia has more on the […]

July 14, 2008

Warren Zinn on the suicide of Joseph Dwyer

Photographer Warren Zinn reacts to the news of Joseph Dwyer’s death. Dwyer was a US Army medic in the Iraq when Zinn took the photograph above. He writes about his reaction to the news in the Washington Post, For years, I’d proudly displayed the front page of USA Today featuring the photo. It was a […]

July 11, 2008

Cobbling the story together

Bill Mitchell at Poynter does a great job dissecting the timeline that saw the picture above appear on the front page of the Sunday Times, only to be subsequently debunked At The Sunday Times, managing editor Richard Caseby said the paper’s first account of the baby was cobbled together on deadline when editors slotted the […]

July 7, 2008

Blogger booted out of Iraq

Zoriah Miller, a photojournalist and blogger whom we’ve featured here previously, has been ordered to leave Iraq for taking photos. Well, one photo in particular appears to have rankled the American military powers that be. The image, of a dead American soldier lying on his back his face unrecognisable due to a bomb blast, was […]

June 25, 2008

More trouble in Chad

Finbarr O’Reilly, Reuters snapper and World Press photo 2006 winner, is currently in Chad. He found himself in a spot of bother as he haretails it through the desert of the eastern part of the country. Harsh light and shifting shadows in the windblown desert of eastern Chad can conjure strange images, but this was […]