Blogger booted out of Iraq

Zoriah Miller, a photojournalist and blogger whom we’ve featured here previously, has been ordered to leave Iraq for taking photos. Well, one photo in particular appears to have rankled the American military powers that be. The image, of a dead American soldier lying on his back his face unrecognisable due to a bomb blast, was enough to get Miller immediately ‘disembedded’ and barred from working with the military in Anbar because, as they say, he broke his “trust in the relationship”

After the post was online, I was told that the Marine Corps would not allow even the pants or shoes of a injured or killed Marine to be depicted in images. This was a rule I had never been told or even heard of. I refused to remove the blog post. It seemed insane to me that the Marines would embed a war photographer and then be upset when photographs were taken of war. A few minutes later my embed was terminated and a convoy was arranged,link