Arkady Babchenko in Georgia

Arkady Babchenko’s photographs of the war in Georgia and South Ossetia are more graphic than you’ll find in the British press. Arkady is an ex-Russian soldier turned author who served in Chechnya. He works as a journalist with Novaya Gazeta – the same newspaper that Anna Politkovskaya wrote for before she was murdered. We’ve featured his book, One Soldier’s war, before. He appears to have travelled with the Vostok battalion and visited Dzhavy, Tskhinvali and saw the assault on Zemo-Nikozi before flying by helicopter with the wounded in the direction of Gori. There is a bit of discussion on Arkady’s photographs in this Russian language forum. If you can’t read cryllic, Google Translate will help. Meanwhile, the images are on the pages of ISD-25.