strategic communications

May 6, 2010

Admiral Mullen’s social media strategy

The Public Affairs Office looking after Admiral Mullen has revealed his social media strategy for 2010 by sticking it up on Slideshare. Admiral Mullen is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for US forces and admitted a while ago that his wife reminded him to use his Twitter account.   Some interesting bits […]

January 14, 2010

24/7 media world undermines use of force, says UK Minister

The Armed Forces Minister, Bill Rammell, delivered a speech yesterday in which he expressed his concern that the information age had fundamentally altered the conditions in which Britain could "project power" in the world. Talking at the Institute of Public Policy Research, Rammell noted that there were many positive benefits from the development of "access […]

June 25, 2009

Strategic Communications: New Media

Here in the bunker – it is a rather swish conference room but there’s a serious shortage of natural light – we’ve been looking at new media and strategic communications. In a moment, three themes from the session and the morning’s discussion.  But if you want a frankly more interesting general overview of what the […]

June 25, 2009

Strategic Communications: Day 2

If you were following the blog yesterday I decided to enjoy the sunshine… Here’s a photo of Alastair Campbell addressing the conference yesterday. After a question and answer session with Campbell on various topics including Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan, we moved onto a panel discussion on how to make a communications strategy work in places […]

June 24, 2009

Strategic Communications: Morning session summary

…so there’s been a bit of a delay getting the necessary wireless access, but we’re good to go now.   We’re also under the Chatham House Rule so observations will be general rather than specific.   This morning we’ve been hearing about how the new media landscape has profound implications for the area of strategic […]