March 12, 2008

Viagra? Hash? Iraqi army marshal’s uniform?

[video:youtube:aGzGzyyDLNM] Your typical frontline trader offering your typical frontline goods to your typical soldier soldiering in your typical Middle East war zone. via The Observers.

March 11, 2008

The Habbaniya bookshelf

Tony Perry, a staffer with the LA Times and regular visitor to Iraq, takes us on a tour of a typical bookshelf found in American soldier’s barracks on a recent trip to Iraq, As I jump from base to base in Anbar province where the Marines are stationed, I always prowl the book collection. Some […]

March 11, 2008

Asne Seierstad in 5 minutes

Following on from her BBC radio interview with Simon Mayo, war reporter Asne Seierstad gets the 5-minute interview treatment in The Independent today, The most surprising thing to happen to me was … Realising that people read my books all around the world. That surprises me all the time. link

March 10, 2008

“Like being in the mouth of a tuba”

In a series of behind the scenes films ITV’s Mark Austin and Phil Reay Smith describe life working as reporters in Helmand province, Afghanistan. And by the looks of things it’s all rather snug. As Mark says, “It’s the best food in terms of being in a theatre of war that I’ve ever tasted.” I […]

March 6, 2008

“Gets nasty, get down to business”

[video:youtube:D99NHb6B03s] I really do not know what to say… via Abu Muqawama

March 5, 2008

“She wouldn’t last five minutes in a war zone”

Nicola Sadler returns from two months in a war zone reporting for Fox News to discover her sister Brooke – pictured above – fancies a shot at war reporting, just like Nicola and war correspondent Dad Brent Sadler. Nicola is not amused. The Daily Mail has more, Recently, after two gruelling months in Baghdad reporting […]

February 15, 2008

Frontline fodder

British food bloggers descended upon the Frontline Club in London last week for our monthly Food and Wine event. Fortunately, all seemed to come away very impressed. Fraser from Blogjam and the Observer Food Monthly blog had his say, wine blogger Andrew blogged his experience at Spittoon.biz and Jeanne from Cook Sister! promises me she […]

February 7, 2008

We need puppy dogs in Iraq

[video:youtube:LDy7vn7-LX4] Billionaire Sam Zell who owns the Tribune Company (Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and New York Newsday) fires off two barrels during a Q&A at the Orlando Sentinel. Photographer Sara Fajardo questioned the media moghul twice about softening news coverage and Zell was not best pleased. Gawker has more, The journalist in the […]

January 31, 2008

Maddening Martha

Variety magazine is less than impressed with a new play called The Maddening Truth that portrays the life of the famous war correspondent Martha Gellhorn who died in 1998. Martha is particularly well known for her eyewitness accounts of the Spanish Civil War, the devastation at Dachau, and the American bombing of Vietnam, As modern […]

January 31, 2008

Watch the birdie

[video:youtube:iFFK655bbEU] A TV news reporter in Canada gets more than he bargained for when reporting on an infestation of Canadian Brown Finches. This is one reporter with a nose (and mouth) for a story…

January 14, 2008

Subtitling Saddam supporters

[video:youtube:cG-wXgDhO54] A “war reporter” in Iraq gives the subtitle treatment to her interviewee…

January 10, 2008

Bourne to Baghdad

[video:brightcove:1026280250] 2008 looks set to host something of a war film mania. Matt Damon is the latest actor to go to war. The star of the Bourne trilogy of films, starts work in Spain today with film director Paul Greengrass and actress Amy Ryan on an as yet untitled war thriller about life in Green […]

December 20, 2007

Is this the best front page story ever?

Frontline Club Founder member Ben Hammersley emails to say he thinks it is and I’m inclined to agree with him, On December 14th [on page 1A of the Lewiston Tribune] ran two substantial photos: In one, a husky man in a black-and-blue checkered coat is seen hanging Christmas decorations in a shop window. In the […]

December 18, 2007

Strange games and bridges

Jocelyne Saab started out as a war reporter in 1975 before turning her hand to fiction and feature films in 1985 with her first film, Suspended Life. She talks with NewIndPress at the International Film Festival of Kerala about her work as a war reporter and her more recent artistic endeavours with “Strange Games and […]

December 6, 2007

Where is Moldova?

Looking for a brain teasing, stocking filler this festive season? Where is Moldova? is a wannabe Foreign Correspondent’s first step on the ladder and a don’t-wannabe a Foreign Correspondent anymore’s memory stretcher. So good, The Times, just named it numero uno present this Christmas.

October 2, 2007

Snowball war correspondent

The streets of Rhondda valley in Wales prove to be a tad dangerous for this Sky News reporter.

September 21, 2007

Embed humvee driver of the month award goes to…

This American bloke. Hopefully his finger is not poised on the trigger. In fact, watch all 1 minute and 12 seconds and you’ll see it’s poised perfectly clearly.

September 12, 2007

Axe at war

While googling around for a half decent link for David Axe in the last post, I came across this comic strip, one of 19 based on ‘the Axe’ experience of war reporting. Axe blogs at the honestly titled War is boring.

August 31, 2007

You too can be Hassan Nasrallah

That’s right, you too can be the leader of Hezbollah. The Lebanese group have entered the world of video gaming bringing the frontline to a living room near you. No surprises for guessing who the enemy is, The Lebanese armed group Hezbollah has launched a new computer game with Israel as the enemy. Special Force […]