Bradley Manning

September 30, 2014

1971: The year they took the truth

By George Symonds “J. Edgar Hoover was apoplectic.” On Monday 29 September 2014, the Frontline Club screened 1971, the incredible story of eight US citizens whose courage – both moral and physical – led them to break into an FBI office to confiscate evidence of the bureau’s grave abuses of power. The self-incriminating documents revealed the existence of […]

July 2, 2013

Alex Gibney’s We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks divides the Frontline audience

By Alex Glynn On Friday 28 June there was a palpable sense of anticipation among the Frontline Club audience, ahead of the preview screening of Alex Gibney’s most recent documentary We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks. The film chronicles the history of WikiLeaks and looks at the roles Bradley Manning and Julian Assange played in what was referred to as […]

May 14, 2013

Bradley Manning on trial: A case for or against his country?

By Jim Treadway In 2010 U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning committed the largest security breach in US history, handing the classified Afghan War Diary, Iraq War Logs, and 250,000 State Department cables to Wikileaks. Imagery like that of an American helicopter team gunning down citizens and journalists on a Baghdad street in 2007 has been […]

Monday 13 May 2013, 7:00 PM

The case of the US vs Bradley Manning

In February this year Private First Class Bradley Manning pleaded guilty to sending restricted documents to Wikileaks in violation of military regulations, making him the source of the largest intelligence leak in US history. Ahead of his trial in June we will be examining the charges he faces and the implications if he is found guilty.

December 21, 2012

The World Next Year (Part I)

By Jasper Wenban-Smith, international editor of ForesightNews. A special round up of world events from January – June 2013, from journalist resource ForesightNews.

April 20, 2012

ForesightNews world briefing: upcoming events 23 – 29 April

A weekly round up of world events from Monday, 23 to Sunday, 29 April from Foresight News By Nicole Hunt The day after the Bahrain Grand Prix, 21 Bahraini activists, including hunger striker Abdulhadi al Khawaja, are due in court in Manama on Monday to hear the outcome of their appeal against life sentences handed […]

December 8, 2011

ForesightNews world briefing: upcoming events 12- 18 December

A weekly round up of world events from Monday, 12 December to Sunday, 18 December from ForesightNews By Nicole Hunt US President Barack Obama hosts Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al Maliki for talks in Washington on Monday, with discussions focusing on strengthening the ‘strategic partnership’ between the two countries. The summit comes ahead of a […]

July 11, 2011

David House on Bradley Manning, secret WikiLeaks Grand Jury, and US Surveillance

On the eve of the extradition hearing for WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange in London, US broadcaster Democracy Now! spent an exclusive hour with David House, who co-founded the Bradley Manning Support Network after US Army Private Manning was arrested for allegedly releasing classified U.S. military documents to WikiLeaks. (See video below.) House refused to testify […]

April 6, 2011

Eight modern-day whistleblowers (part II)

Mordechai Vanunu talks to the press after winning his freedom in 2004. Credit: Getty Images   Concluding our run-down of some of the most prominent whistleblowers in recent memory….. Clive Ponting A former senior civil servant at the Ministry of Defence, Clive Ponting leaked information about the sinking of Argentine warship General Belgrano in 1984. […]