Shooting the messengers in Mexico

Just over a week ago crime reporter Armando Rodriguez was shot dead in his driveway in the border town of Ciudad Juárez. Two other crime reporters have since received death threats including Jorge Luis Aguirre, the 51-year-old editor of the Juarez news Web site called La Polaka. Frontline blogger Deborah Bonello, in Mexico City, has been keeping an eye on the story. NPR discuss the dangers for Mexican journalists and talk to Jorge Luis Aguirre,

“Thursday evening, I was going to the wake for Armando Rodriguez when I received a call. A stranger’s voice told me I was next. I was going to be the next one killed,” Aguirre said. “And so I panicked. I drove through the streets thinking I would be killed then and there. Eventually, I parked my car and called my sons, who were at school, and my wife. They picked me up off the street and we went to the American consulate, but it was closed. We were finally able to get to the border. We crossed the bridge, so now we’re refugees trying to save our lives.” link