Film Series: U.S. Under the Lens

Talk 12 September - 7 November 2016

Leading up to the 2016 presidential elections, our U.S. Under the Lens film series presents bold new documentaries tackling the most polarising and hotly-debated issues set to determine the outcome of the 2016 campaign.

Including The Choice, the newest in Michael Kirk’s U.S. elections series – a pinnacle of political broadcast journalism since 1988 – and other not-to-miss documentaries from the last year, this selection presents eye-opening analysis of the key issues that have come to the forefront of the race for the White House.

From gun laws to reproductive rights and police policies, U.S. Under the Lens will feature Q&As and panel discussions following each screening, encouraging dialogue and debate while showcasing the most interrogative and impactful films made by American documentary makers this year.

Schedule (click for more information and booking):

12 September – Under the Gun + panel discussion with director Stephanie Soechtig and others

Under the Gun


5 October – PBS America Presents: The Choice 2016 + Q&A with director Michael Kirk

The Choice 2016 FEATURED


17 October – TRAPPED + Q&A with director Dawn Porter



24 October – Do Not Resist + Q&A with director Craig Atkinson

Do Not Resist Featured


7 November – National Bird + Panel Discussion

National Bird