Down on the farm

Just returned from the farm at Ellingham Hall and thought I’d keep you updated with the goings on.

I went to visit our new fish supplier down at Lowestoft, he also has an old smokehouse dating back around 180 years, so stay tuned for some weird and wonderful things coming out of that one!

Apart from that, we are planning to open a farm shop where everyone will be able to purchase a range of produce straight from our Norfolk farm. We’re in the middle of developing ideas about how to do it and how to arrange the shop.

l also took along a butcher to the farm. He’s going to help us create the Frontline sausage and bacon recipes, so watch this space. I hope to get some pictures up on this and all the other goings on pretty soon.

And last but not least, we are currently buying some rare breed chickens called Norfolk blacks – they will be making their appearance on a plate near you soon.