Tuesday 2nd February, 2010

In the Picture with David Hoffman: War on Photography

British photographer David Hoffman, who specialises in coverage of protest and has dedicated his career to documenting racial and social conflict, policing and social exclusion, will focus on the war being waged on photography through oppressive policing and privacy laws that limit press freedom.

Friday 3rd April, 2009

NEW – In the picture with John D McHugh – War in Multimedia

In 2007, John D McHugh won the Frontline Club Award for his work in Afghanistan. In 2008, The Guardian commissioned him to produce an online project called “Six months in Afghanistan.” The project was to include photography, short films, audio slideshows, and blogging. “I wanted to use the full range of multimedia options open to […]

Monday 2nd March, 2009

FULLY BOOKED – In the Picture with REZA: War and Peace – 30 Years on the Front Lines

World famous for his intrepid explorer’s style of photographing the most exotic places, Reza (as he is known) has covered most of the globe for National Geographic and other major international publications. This evening he’ll present and talk about a selection of work from his new book War + Peace. In the course of his […]

Wednesday 26th November, 2008

HIV / AIDS Season – In the picture with Gideon Mendel – Looking AIDS in the Face

26002.jpgGideon Mendel is an award winning photographer and has been documenting the impact of HIV/Aids in Africa for more than 15 years, working in 10 different countries to show the many ways the disease has devastated the lives of millions of ordinary people.

Friday 5th September, 2008

In the Picture with Jehad Nga: Somalia through a lens

Jehad Nga is one of the most talented emerging photographers on the international scene and for the last three years has worked intensely in and around Mogadishu. For one night only he will present a selection of images from his portfolio and talk about operating as a photographer in one of the world’s most dangerous environments.

Monday 2nd June, 2008

In the picture with John Moore – Pakistan on the Brink FULLY BOOKED

John Moore has spent most of the last year photographing Pakistan’s slide into instability and in December 2007 was one of the few photographers present at the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Tonight, for one night only, he presents his work and talks in the context of the events in Pakistan over the last twelve months.

Thursday 10th April, 2008

In the picture with Seamus Murphy: A Darkness Visible – Afghanistan – FULLY BOOKED

From 1994 to 2006, Seamus Murphy photographed the effects of the Taliban regime, the tumultuous years of civil war and the historical elections following the fall of the Taliban. Alongside scenes of war and politics, his magnificent photographs capture intimate images of domesticity, work and leisure.

Friday 29th February, 2008

In the picture with Sean Smith – Iraq in focus: A year on from the ‘surge’

Sean Smith’s work in Iraq has won praise for exposing the pain and suffering of both ordinary Iraqis and US troops, tasked with restoring peace in country falling apart. Here he will present examples of his work and discuss with the Guardian’s diplomatic editor, Julian Borger, the story behind the images as well as where Iraq stands a year on from the controversial ‘surge’ of US troops.

Thursday 24th January, 2008

In the picture with Philip Jones Griffiths – Vietnam Trilogy – FULLY BOOKED

Philip Jones Griffiths, widely considered to be one of the greatest war photographers of the twentieth century presents his Vietnam Trilogy; photographs from the books that became classics of photojournalism and had a major influence on American perceptions of the war.

Tuesday 19th June, 2007

In the picture with Declan Walsh – Multimedia journalism and the ongoing unrest in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Declan Walsh speaks about the pitfalls and merits of multimedia journalism,
war in Afghanistan, and Pakistan’s ongoing civil unrest.

Thursday 24th May, 2007

In the picture with Peter Turnley: Moments of the Human Condition

Peter Turnley, internationally-renowned photojournalist and consummate observer of major world events for the last two decades, will present his images and discuss his connection to visually communicating many of the most important international geo-political and human themes of our times.

Thursday 26th April, 2007

In the picture with Clancy Chassay – Is Hizbollah getting ready to take on Israel again?

Clancy Chassay (multimedia journalist) discusses his coverage of the war between Hizbollah and Israel, the events that led to the present political standoff and the build up to more conflict.

Tuesday 27th March, 2007

In the picture with Tim Hetherington: The fault lines of West Africa

Photographer Tim Hetherington will show work from his recent trip to Liberia and discuss the fault lines of west Africa with colleague James Brabazon.

Thursday 15th February, 2007

In the picture with Gary Knight: Darfur’s war without end

Gary Knight, co-founder of the VII photo agency, and Rod Nordland, Newsweek’s Chief Foreign Correspondent, have just returned from Darfur. They speak about a country in meltdown and the incredible human suffering in the region.

January 9, 2007

In the picture with Alexandra Boulat: Women in the Middle East

Alexandra Boulat, co-founder of VII photo agency, speaks about working in war zones and her project on women in the Middle East.