Getting the story

December 3, 2007

Bearing up in Khartoum

Take one teacher, one teddy bear and three British journalists. Throw them into the centre of Khartoum, keep the hacks high on lemon soda, a teacher jailed, the local media rabid, the diplomats flustered and what’ve you got? A day or two in the life of foreign correspondents, Rob Crilly, Andrew Heavens and Amber Henshaw, […]

November 18, 2007

Story behind the snap

Photographer Luis Sinco tells the story of the image he took of Marine Lance Corporal James Blake Miller as the soldier’s regiment entered Falluja on 8 November 2004, On the second day of the battle, I called my wife by satellite phone to tell her that I was OK. She told me my photo had […]

October 19, 2007

Getting the story out

Writing in Ha’aretz, Yotam Feldman tells it as it is, or was, and how he got the story out of Burma, It’s 4 A.M. at Bangkok airport. Minutes before my plane is to lift off for Rangoon, I get a call on my mobile. In loose English with an Asian accent, a screaming voice says, […]

October 11, 2007

Susman profiled

Baghdad based LA Times reporter Tina Susman discusses working as a foreign correspondent in Editor & Publisher, Susman is witnessing what she calls “one of the biggest, if not the biggest story of our generation as journalists.” She is chief of the Los Angeles Times’ Baghdad bureau, an appointment she received earlier this year. Her […]

October 2, 2007

Dodging the goons in Rangoon

Scouring the net for Burma-related stuff – there’s getting less and less from the ground – I come across Frontline’s Ben Hammersley and an intriguing wee snippet from the year 2000’s where are they now file, When I got to Rangoon Airport, I knew I would be searched. I had been followed all afternoon – […]

October 1, 2007

What it’s like to be in a firefight

John D McHugh was shot in Afghanistan and was lucky to survive. He talked at the Frontline Club about his experience working as a photographer in Afghanistan. Today, on his blog, he retells the story he wrote from his hospital bed, So, here it is. This is the account I wrote of the 14 May […]

September 26, 2007

Where war lives

In his new book – War lives here – Canadian foreign correspondent and Pulitzer prize winner Paul Watson is haunted by a split second decision he made in Mogadishu on October 4, 1993, “The crowd parted, forming a manic horseshoe around the corpse. My eyes panned the frenzy like a camera guided by invisible hands. […]

September 20, 2007


The Economist has a man – or is it a woman? who knows in bylineless world – in Zimbabwe and they’re writing a diary, at least this week they are, The contact is late, he does not pick up his phone, and night has fallen. I feel increasingly uncomfortable. Something is wrong. After a while, […]

September 20, 2007

What’s in your bag?

Road reporter Naka Nathaniel has the weight of a New York Times satellite telephone budget behind him when he’s on the road producing features like the film above with Nicolas Kristof. But, blasting through recent history it seems what goes in his rucksack hasn’t changed *too* much since 2004, June 2004 “My kit isn’t all […]

September 2, 2007

Shot by a sniper

Last week photographer John D McHugh popped into the Frontline Club to give a talk about his time in Afghanistan and to explain how he was shot by a Taleban sniper. He blogs about it on his personal blog, I went and got myself shot. Yes, that’s right, shot. In the chest. With a real […]