Bearing up in Khartoum

Take one teacher, one teddy bear and three British journalists. Throw them into the centre of Khartoum, keep the hacks high on lemon soda, a teacher jailed, the local media rabid, the diplomats flustered and what’ve you got? A day or two in the life of foreign correspondents, Rob Crilly, Andrew Heavens and Amber Henshaw,

It took about 60 seconds for us to be surrounded. I don’t know what the young men were saying but I wasn’t going to stick around to find out… For the past five days the three of us Brit reporters who were here when the story broke have been filing non-stop to anyone that will pay. By the end of each night are eyes are shot and our brains wired. Anywhere else in the world we’d be on to our third bottle of wine by the time we’d sent our last copy of the day. Khartoum isn’t like anywhere else in the world. Sharia law meant last night we had to make do with lemon sodas. link