Shot by a sniper

Last week photographer John D McHugh popped into the Frontline Club to give a talk about his time in Afghanistan and to explain how he was shot by a Taleban sniper. He blogs about it on his personal blog,

I went and got myself shot. Yes, that’s right, shot. In the chest. With a real bullet. A big one, 7.62! In through the ribs in my lower left chest, just under my heart, punctured my diaphragm, tore my colon, damaged my spleen, and exploded out my lower back, taking rather a large chunk of me with it. link

John links to some superb slideshows of his work in Afghanistan on and Newsweek. But, as he says, talking about work with your contemporaries can be unnerving,

…last night I gave a talk at the Frontline Club in London to a room full of journalists and photographers, which I have to say was pretty scary. Assessment by one’s peers and all that.