You know you’re breaking new ground…

…when situations arise for which there are no rules.
Whilst editing my latest video the Los Angeles Times last week, we contacted CNN Espanol for some footage of Carmen Aristegui, the focus of our video report. They agreed to send over some shots, but in return the producer wanted some of our material on the rally we shot.
I was caught short. The Los Angeles Times is starting to develop its video activities, but its early days – what were the rules? One of their correspondents made a call to the office up in the United States and there appeared to be none for video journalists and footage because it’s still so new.
Do I own the rights because I shot the movie and am not an employee? Or do the LATimes own them because they commissioned the report? And if they don’t know, maybe I should. Do I insist I make money if they make money by syndicating work by me for them? Whereas if they’re not making any money, and merely interchanging it for other footage, why should I?
It’s all terribly confusing, and in the end we didn’t even use the CNN footage that gave rise to the deal in the first place.
All advice and experience welcome here on this one, and I am certainly enjoying breaking new territory.