Workshop: Shooting Video with Canon C200 & C300

Workshop Friday 20 & Saturday 21 April 2018, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Standard £330
Freelance/Student £280
Members £230

*Tickets include lunch

This two-day course gives an overview of the Canon EOS C200 and Canon C300 MkII cameras and is particularly focused on anyone wanting to self-shoot documentary, character led films, feature style magazine films, or corporate videos.

Through a series of modules, you will learn how to shoot video with either camera, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each, learn how to deal with sound, lighting and movement. You will look at different styles of shooting, comparing treatment types and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of directed filmmaking against more ‘organic’, ‘run and gun’-style filmmaking.

We will explore structuring a magazine-style shoot and a corporate shoot, finding the message and discussing how to deal with corporate clients and what contracts or arrangements we should draw up.

You will also look at story structure, how the ultimate narrative of the film is achieved through editing techniques, and how that narrative should inform how we shoot. You will look at what qualities make a film compulsive and go viral and how you can incorporate those techniques in your shooting.

More than anything else this is a two-day shot-in-the-arm for independent videographers, useful to both beginners and those already shooting with any of Canons EOS cameras, or similar, who want to improve their skills or make better films. It is also ideal for anyone wanting to take the next step on from DSLR filmmaking.

We will look at:

– The C200 and C300 cameras, their operation, what is the difference and which camera best suits which roles

– How to work out what type of film you need to shoot for your output and what shots and sequences you need

– The application of each camera to corporate, online, news and documentary filmmaking and what should be your approach

– Lenses

– Shooting, composition, ‘run-n-gun’ coverage, directed sequences, interviews, exposure, light and lighting

– How to get the best out of each camera and get professional, broadcast results.

Places on this workshop are strictly limited. If you already own a Canon C200 or C300 please do bring it with you, but Canon are kindly supplying a number of cameras which participants can use on the course.

About the trainer:
Dean Arnett is an award-winning, self-shooting producer, with 23 years’ experience. After many years working for the BBC, he is now freelance, shooting documentaries, corporates and TV features with a variety of cameras, all around the world. He also provides training for the BBC, PA, Archant and other media groups.

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