Workshop: Get Your Documentary Idea Commissioned, Funded & Made

Workshop Saturday 13 May 2017, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Standard £150
Freelance/Student £125
Members £100

Got a documentary idea but not sure how to: move it forwards, get some interest, get it funded, commissioned and broadcast? This one day course is for anyone, from complete beginners to experienced producers, who have a documentary idea but don’t know how to move it forwards, develop it and get it made. This workshop applies to online documentaries, broadcast TV documentaries and one-off theatrical release documentaries. During the day we break down the development process, working through what’s needed to create a compelling pitch, then a fully rounded proposal, a treatment, shooting schedule, budget and sizzle teaser.

The workshop will cover the following:


– What is a story?

– What is a documentary?

– Where’s the access?

– The title

– The pitch


– Planning the proposal

– Tag line

– Identifying the critical information for each section

– Writing and rewriting the proposal

– Sizzle teasers


– Point of view

– Treatment and execution styles

– Presenters, narration

– Re-versioning, added value and interactive options

– The opening sequence and how to start

– Narrative reveal, arc, structure

– Script

– Empathy, pace and audience engagement

– HEC test

– The importance of themes


– Rights, release forms

– Shooting schedule

– Budget

– Production managing and workflow

About the Trainer:

Dean Arnett is an award-winning, self-shooting producer, with 23 years’ experience. After many years working for the BBC, he is now freelance, shooting documentaries, corporates and TV features with a variety of cameras, all around the world. He also provides training for the BBC, PA, Archant and other media groups.