What the tourists miss

This week the mainstream media reported that just on Monday more than 14 people were killed in Mexico, and that 105 have been murdered since the beginning of the year.
This morning, Reuters, the Los Angeles Times and the local press reported that gunmen killed eight people in Tijuana yesterday; just a week after President Calderon stepped up security in the border city in an attempt to beef up the Government’s fights against the drugs trade in the county.
Three were police officers, one of which was shot dead along with his wife and nine-year old daughter. Another civilian man was shot dead whilst asleep, and his wife and three year old child were also killed in what police are saying was a case of mistaken identity.
And a gory headline in today’s The News said that since the end of December six decapitated heads have been recovered from the area around Mexico City and the neighboring state of Mexico. Local press have linked the killings to seizures of drugs by the authorities and El Universal says that the Attorney General’s Office said a war is currently being waged between organized crime bosses around Mexico’s international airport.
It would appear the tourists miss the served heads lying around under their noses as they fly in to enjoy Mexico’s sun, sea and tacos. Probably just as well.