What next?

So the prosecutor published his evidence and President Bashir now stands accused of war crimes, genocide and murder. There was a mix of reaction here in Sudan from the angry to the considered and it seems the government may be mulling over exactly what to do.
Could a palace coup be an option? After speculation that several top officials would be named by Jose Moreno-Ocampo only President Bashir himself was accused yesterday. And what to make of Moreno-Ocampo’s final paragraph, when he suggests he might be prepared to change his conclusions?

There are circumstances which could lead it to modify its assessment. The Prosecution submits that a summons to appear could be an alternative pursued by the Court should the Government of the Sudan, which would serve and follow up on the summons, and the individual concerned, express their willingness to pursue this route.

Give up Bashir and the rest of you are off the hook?