Video: Mexico Bomb Victim Tells His Story

“And then I heard a thump. There was a patrol car parked in the street blocking the cars – a transport patrol – and I heard something hit the patrol car. I turned round to see and something rolled…when it stopped I realized that it was a grenade.”
Rafael Bucio, a 30 year old car-parking attendant, was out with his wife and two small children in Morelia, Mexico on Monday night enjoying the Independence celebrations when two grenades went off.
Bucio’s wife Gloria Alvarez, 32, was holding their three-month old son Uriel in her arms when the explosion happened. She died from her injuries in a public hospital. The baby somehow escaped unharmed.
Meanwhile, Ken Ellingwood reports that three arrests have been made in connection with the two bombs which went of in Morelia on Monday night, killing seven people and injuring more than a hundred.
This video and post were made for La Plaza.