U.S. General: Darfur No-Fly Zone Not “Developed”


Let’s be perfectly clear about this: deploying Western forces to establish a no-fly zone over Darfur is a bad idea, and would only further entangle foreign powers in a war in which they have no clear interest. Not to mention, the logistics and rules-of-engagement would be nightmares. Fortunately, the U.S. Air Force doesn’t seem terribly enthusiastic about such a deployment, according to a report by Marc Schanz for Air Force magazine:

According to Gen. Roger Brady, head of US Air Forces in Europe with administrative control of 17th Air Force (Air Forces Africa), a component of the new US Africa Command, planning for such a contingency has not left the gate yet. “I don’t think that idea is probably well enough developed for us to start counting heads as to who might or who might not [participate].”

(Photo: EUFOR)