Uma Singh hacked to death in Nepal

Uma Singh, a 26 year old Nepalese journalist who worked for a local radio station in Janakpur in western Nepal, was hacked to death when a group of 15 men entered the room she rented in a house on Sunday night. The attack happened in full view of other residents. Singh had a history of writing articles critical of the dowry payment system, reports CNN,

“If the government is not ready to provide any kind of security to journalists, it will be very difficult to do journalism in a free mode,” said Dharmendra Jha, president of the federation… “I am very very shocked… She was my student and I brought her into active journalism… The problem we’re facing is the problem of impunity… There are many armed groups in plain sight. The government has to hold them accountable. Otherwise, we are not safe.” link

CNN goes on to report that there has been an increase in attacks on journalists in recent months,

[The Federation of Nepali Journalists] released a year-end report, recording 284 incidents — including three deaths and a kidnapping. The incidents also include shutting down media outlets, burning copies of magazines and beatings. link

UPDATE: with video link via MyRepublica