Two-Day Shooting Workshop: Guerrilla Filmmaking with WTYSL?

Workshop Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 June 2013, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Guerrilla filmmaking is a lifestyle as much as a method, practiced by What Took You So Long? – a collaboration of filmmakers who live where they work, encouraging participation in the creative process. From pre-production, shooting, and editing to the screen, this two-day workshop will teach you how to bend and break the rules of traditional filmmaking.

The What Took You So Long team will teach you about guerrilla filmmaking as an informal and flexible method of working, which can be adapted to fit the situation, culture, country, and people you are shooting. It’s about building relationships through living with the people you film, travelling by public transport, and working with local partners and volunteers.

Day One

Laughing yoga

Getting to know you 
What is a good photo? 
What’s the next big thing? 
The importance of natural herbs / Engaging with the people you film

Finding your vehicle / Camel milk for us 
Tweeting in Mogadishu – the importance of taking risks and innovating 
Open Space to make a film now 
Shoot / Facilitators join teams

Day Two

Final editing and exporting of videos 
Show and tell 
Innovating your outlet / where and for whom would these films work? 
What is your concept of success? 
What is your responsibility as an earthling walking this earth? 
Evaluation co-learning with team / Good camel, bad camel

Meet the team
What Took You So Long? is a team of documentary filmmakers dedicated to filming unsung heroes and untold stories. From Mauritania to Mongolia, through Papua New Guinea, and with a detour to Central America, they have filmed in over 60 countries, meeting farmers, nomads, entrepreneurs, designers, innovators and educators. Coming from across the globe, the team will converge at the Frontline Club to guide you on all things guerrilla.

Here’s a taster of WTYSL founder Sebastian Lindstrom’s take on disruptive filmmaking at TedX Athens 2011.

What to bring
This is a filming workshop, so if you have access to a video camera, DSLR, or just the camera on your phone, bring it along and get ready to play. But if not, don’t worry – this workshop is all about collaboration. The workshop will take place at The Frontline Club, 13 Norfolk Place, but we’ll also be heading outside so be prepared to move!

Image credit: What Took You So Long?