Tributes to Marie Colvin, Sunday Times correspondent killed in Syria

The Sunday Times correspondent, Marie Colvin, was killed in Syria on Wednesday morning. She died after a makeshift media centre in Homs came under attack from Syrian forces. French photographer Rémi Ochlik was also killed.

Colvin and Ochlik died the day after Syrian activist, Rami al-Sayed. His video footage, uploaded to YouTube and Bambuser, was used by the world’s media to report what was happening in Homs.

It is a sad day for journalism – "old", "new" and what they have become together.  

In Colvin’s last report for the newspaper on Sunday, she had described the desperation of the brutal government assault on Homs, part of a crackdown which has claimed the lives of an estimated 5,400 Syrians since March 2011.

This is a collection of Colvin’s final broadcast interviews and tributes from the world of journalism.