THIRD PARTY EVENT Generation’s End: A Personal Memoir of American Power after 9/11

Talk September 27, 2010 7:00 PM

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting and its London Ambassadors Circle invite you to a special evening with Scott Malcomson.

In Generation’s End: A Personal Memoir of American Power after 9/11, Scott Malcomson recalls his work at the New York Times as foreign-affairs op-ed editor during  9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan, then as an advisor to the UN’s Sergio Vieira de Mello until his death in the bombing of the UN headquarters in August 2003

This was the period when America’s "baby-boomer" generation came out from under the shadow of the greatest generation and faced its decisive test on the world stage. As George Packer writes in his foreword: “These two years contain all the decisions that would set in motion the larger era.”

Malcomson, currently foreign editor of the New York Times Magazine, will be joined on stage at this exclusive event at the Frontline Club by New York Times’ London bureau chief, John F. Burns, a two-time Pulitzer prize winner. Articles commissioned by Malcomson have won numerous awards, including a Pulitzer Prize and a National Magazine Award.

To reserve a seat kindly rsvp to Karyn Caplan at [email protected].