There’s a storm coming

[video:youtube:rDzV4Mw1CHQ] Andrew Heavens blogs from Khartoum in Sudan, that the Darfur rebel group the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) launched an attack a few miles north of the capital city. However, being on the ground doesn’t make it any easier to report, especially when the mobile networks are down,

Being close to the action doesn’t always give you a particularly clear picture of what is going on. The country’s main mobile network was not working – either overloaded or shut down. Our internet connection was still up but the people I really needed to contact were offline. The only thing to do was watch the helicopters circling ahead and listen to the bombardments that seemed to drift closer and further away, depending on the wind…
Khartoum has always managed to stay insulated from most of the really horrific stuff going on in the country, particularly in Darfur. When we first arrived, I lost count of the number of people who assured us that is was “the safest city in Africa”. That reputation has taken a hit in recent months with the worries about an upsurge in terrorist activity. After today, that reputation is dead and buried. For the first time, Darfur has come to

Reuters have this report. When I read Andrew’s initial post, it reminded me of a video I spotted on Youtube a year ago. Click above to see another kind of storm over Khartoum.
UPDATE: Andrew’s using Twitter to keep people updated on events in the capital.