The week ahead at the Frontline Club

For tonight’s First Wednesday we have brought together a panel of experts to discuss the changing nature of foreign policy and diplomacy in the Middle East and North Africa in light of the shifting alignments in the region. The panel for Saturday’s fully booked debate in partnership with the New Statesman has been announced.

Next Tuesday a collective of photographers will be discussing their experiences documenting poverty on their doorstep in the UK. On Wednesday a panel of experts will be discussing state media in the Middle East and North Africa, looking at its role in post-revolution countries, the influence of Al Jazeera and BBC Arabic and the power of the internet and social media to circumvent media power. 

Our screenings in the week ahead include Oscar nominated GasLand looking at the cost paid for the search for natural energy production and Sex, Death and Gods offering an unseen glimpse into the lives of a little understood sect of Hinduism.