The case of Trent Keegan

Freelance photographer Trent Keegan was murdered on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. His body was found in a ditch on Wednesday, 28 May. I’m not going to say much more about this at the moment, but I’d like to point you Nairobi-based, Frontline blogger, Rob Crilly who knew Trent and is following the case. As are the Committee to Protect Journalists,

“This is a devastating loss for those who knew Trent Keegan, a photographer who worked to document people in need of a voice around the world,” said CPJ Africa Program Coordinator Tom Rhodes. “The Kenyan police must act decisively to bring whoever killed Keegan to justice. Time is of the essence here, as it is in all murder investigations.” link

Trent’s family have published the message you can see above on Trent’s website. There is an online book of condolences. A memorial service will be held at Salthill beach on Tuesday 3 June, 2008 from approximately 9:30pm.