Thai Rath reporter Charlee Boonsawat killed

Two bombs exploded in the the southern Thai town of Sungai Kolok today. Charlee Boonsawat, a reporter on the Thai Rath newspaper, was among the dead. The first bomb, which caused minimal damage, is believed to have been planted on a motorcycle. The second bomb exploded as onlookers, police and journalists attended the scene of the first explosion,

“The second bomb came as security forces and journalists were rushing to the scene and killed a journalist,” [Sungai Kolok, police Major General Pongsak Nakwijit] told Channel 3 television. “The blast killed him,” Pongsak said, identifying the victim as Chalee Boonsawat, who worked for a Bangkok newspaper and a television station. He briefly worked for Reuters. Another senior security official told Channel 3 that three of the 30 wounded people were in serious condition. link